"It was definitely murder – but was it art?"*

Melty FaceLike the Hoff, Konstantin Gropper is apparently pretty big in Germany.  His music project, Get Well Soon, has just released its second album, Vexations.  It’s a painstakingly-produced concept album (something about finding a corpse in the woods?) that starts out promising enough but then takes a rather unfortunate turn for the pretentious and boring.

Here’s a track that’s not awful:

Get Well Soon – Seneca’s Silence

You might like it; I’m just not going to sell it.

However, on the bonus disc of extraneous songs released with the album, I found this sweet remake of “I’m Deranged,” a David Bowie tune produced with Brian Eno for Bowie’s own concept album, Outside (1995).  You might know it as the song that plays during the opening and closing credits of Lynch’s Lost Highway.

It’s a pretty great song done with synthesizers in 4/4 time, but I really like it transformed into a waltz:

Get Well Soon – I’m Deranged

*The title refers to the short story Bowie wrote that provided the concept for Outside, “The Diary Of Nathan Adler” (.pdf, 5 pages).

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5 Responses to "It was definitely murder – but was it art?"*

  1. David G says:

    I won’t defend “Seneca’s Silence” either, but I’m very much into the Bowie cover. Very awesome. The Bowie version below for those interested:

  2. Trent W says:

    I don’t see what’s so potentially or nearly wrong with “Seneca’s Silence.” I liked it nearly as much as the “I’m Deranged” cover, which is to say that they’re both fine songs that I’d enjoy listening to, if infrequently.

    Also, I actually owned Outside on CD when it came out and it was (get this!) the first David Bowie album I ever listened to (though I wasn’t unfamiliar with most of his better-known songs). I asked for and received it for Christmas, and read “The Diary of Nathan Adler” on Christmas morn. Oh, holiday memories.

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