Looking Backward

I think I am finally ready to pronounce my favorite song of 2009, Michael Zapruder’s “Ads for Feelings.” I put this song on some Lala playlist I’d created, and this is one of those tunes that no matter how many times I listen to the list continues to be a perpetual favorite. I have to stop myself from continually hitting repeat, though I know how disastrously that habit plays out.

This song is appropriately titled, as midway through, it breaks from its fairly mellow, meandering pace for an exuberant flute break that moves like an eruption of feeling. The use of flute contrasts nicely with Zapruder’s monotone, scaled vocals, creating what I’ve been thinking of as a lethargic energy.  Although this song is more mellow than not, I find it can be danced to, ice-skated to, snow-dayed to–it’s one of those songs that makes you feel you are walking around in a Volkswagen ad, if you know what I mean. But I guess headphones always give me that feeling.

Michael Zapruder, “Ads for Feelings”

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