Wild Beasts, Thurs, 2/25, Philly

Wild Beasts, 2/25, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, PA

What to drink:
Victory Hop Devil (on cask)

Since I got a little purchase happy the last time I purchased R5 tickets, I’ve got a lot of shows I’m slated to go to in the next few months*. And since I love talking about the cool nerdy things I do, everyone would enjoy people wouldn’t hate if I wrote about them, if for no other reason than to revisit non-new music and brag about how great, cheap, and full of tasty beers Philly’s show scene is.

I know I’ve blabbered to people about Wild Beasts before, I’ve ranked it my favorite album of 2009, and that some of you can’t stand them, but I’m going to keep flogging this dead beast until it pulls a load.

Wild Beasts are from Kendall, England, and produce a sound that’s hard to explain: Disco-ish loops? Indie guitar rock? Theatrical vocals? For the top ten list, I described it as “Queer-forward rawk with mesmerizing live loop-like guitar and singing that flips from sweet to hard, constantly whispering bitterness and beauty.” These descriptions aren’t adequate, and I love how tongue tied I am. This is music bursting at its seams. I know many of you are put off by the countertenor, but fight through it, this is music worth letting grow on you. Like dancing barnacles.

“All The King’s Men” is from their sophomoric Two Dancers.

Wild Beasts, “All The Kings Men”

And for the already convinced, a bonus video of “Sylvia, A Melodrama,” a B-side from 2007:

* Other upcoming shows:
2/22 The Clientele, Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia, PA
2/25 Wild Beasts, Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia, PA
?3/2? Dr. Dog & Kurt Vile, Rotunda, Philadelphia, PA
3/5 Cymbals Eat Guitars & Bear in Heven, Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia, PA
3/29 The xx & jj, Sanctuary @ First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA
4/3 Girls @ Making Time, Voyeur, Philadelphia, PA
4/16 Liars, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA
5/7 Beach House, Sanctuary @ First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA

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