"your brains can turn into melted cheeeeeeeese…"

Cheese People, hailing from Samara, a city of about a million people on the banks of the Volga, haven’t yet toured very far outside the Russian Federation, but the catchy fun of their self-titled debut has made them one of the most unique and popular club-punk acts in the former USSR. ¬†Given the strength of their recently released sophomore-effort, the all-acoustic¬†Well Well Well (downloadable free here), I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground for a US tour.

Cheese People, “Ua-A-A!”

Cheese People, “Angry Stupid Faces”

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One Response to "your brains can turn into melted cheeeeeeeese…"

  1. Greg W says:

    Worth the ‘thumbs-up’ for the “I don’t wanna be a flower in your hill of dung” line alone.

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