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"What kind of music do you like?" "Don't talk to me."

I’ve got 4 tracks to share with not much in common except that I listened to them yesterday (though not for the first time), so I thought I’d just throw ’em all together and stop thinking about which (if any) deserved its own post.  I’ve listed them below in order of most likely to get a thumbs up to least.

The first track is from Dag för Dag’s debut Boo (2010).  Dag för Dag (Swedish for “day by day”) is a Stockholm-based trio led by American brother and sister Jacob and Sarah Snavely.  The album is uncomplicated and fun and not very challenging, and “Hands and Knees” has a Mamas and the Papas sort of feel that I like.

Dag for Dag, “Hands and Knees”

Video here.

This next one’s also a bit retro.  Librarians’ second album, Present Passed (2010), is all over the place in terms of style.  Probably best described as Animal Collective imitators, but on “Cranberry Palace,” they’re definitely channeling the Zombies.

Librarians, “Cranberry Palace”

Here’s one for banjo-lovers (I think NoiseNarcs may have one or two) and Philadelphia-philes (although there are definitely none of them here).  Jack Rose was a Virginian guitarist and folk enthusiast who made his home in Philadelphia, PA.  We unfortunately lost him back in December to a heart attack, but the posthumously released Luck in the Valley is solid, solid listening.  Glenn Jones plays the banjo on the elegiac “Moon in the Gutter.”  It is undoubtedly my favorite of these four tracks.

Jack Rose, “Moon In The Gutter”

And lastly, I’m finishing as I began, with a Scandinavian three-piece, but this is pretty much the opposite of “Hands and Knees.”  It is not for everyone.  If you didn’t like Bitches Brew, then you should stop listening now.  But if you’re into manic jazz/rock fusion, then organ-led Elephant9 might be for you.  Walk the Nile (2010) is their second release and it makes me want to run around in circles.

Elephant9, “Fugl Fenix”

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5 Responses to Singles Mixer

  1. cydney alexis says:

    I like the Dag for Dag . . . will listen to the full album. I also like the blender pics and caption. A lot.

  2. David G says:

    Woke up on Sunday morning mad early, after having had a few beers at Flavors of the (Passyunk) Avenue, P.O.P.E., and an engagement party, even though I still hadn’t gotten my midweek cold to quit. Hit play on your tracklist without reading, and dozed in and out of my first listen:

    One of my favorite of your posts so far, Chris. You’re pitching like the Mets right now: four strikes. My favorite, as I dreamed around it, was Jack Rose, to whom I had listened but never really cottoned. Really, really great song. I dig the Bends-era Radiohead meets B-52s of Dag for Dag, you’re 100% spot-on with the Librarians mouthing the Zombies, and even though it rudely woke me up, I’m digging the rock-fusion of Elephant9. Well-played, sir, and thanks for the good snooze tunes.

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