Wavves of Home Improvement

1-Up is a regular feature in which we drop a quarter into music we had once written off.

Despite all of the hype, I didn’t bother listening to the Wavves until Pitchfork released their best tracks of the year list. I liked “No Hope Kids” and put it in my “to listen to” list. Where it stayed. Like a Tarkovsky film on my Netflix queue.

But now that somebody put the Wavves’ “So Bored” to the wipes from the third season of Home Improvement? Top of the queue. 1-Up, indeed.

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3 Responses to Wavves of Home Improvement

  1. materiallives says:

    I like Wavvvvvvves, so I like this.

  2. …and I like Home Improvement. Good candidate for a 1-up; I sort of liked “Weed Demon,” but I’ve never really given either of those albums an honest hearing.

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