Sleigh Bells… a belated rebuttal.

Brillobox (w/ Popo and Nerve City). July 3rd

When Dave wrote his ‘Anni Rossi reminds me… of my sexism‘ article a while back, my initial reaction was to write a rebuttal.

I did a quick name check and, while not a majority, I ran through some of my favorite bands of the past five years, many featuring not only female musicians, but female singers.  Metric… The Knife… Asobi Seksu… Stars… and then, with outrage quickly replaced by apathy and hunger, I wrote nothing.

A few weeks ago, I was on my way to a hockey game when the Sleigh Bells track, “Crown on the Ground” came over the radio.  Upon hearing it, I wasn’t sure whether it was something I hated or loved, but I definitely couldn’t turn it off.  Since then, curiosity has turned to pure fandom.  By paring brash distortion with the calm, rhythmic vocals of Alexis Krauss, the song moves from something unapproachable to something irresistible.

For something a bit more accessible, there’s “Rill Rill”, an acoustic chanting number with stripped down percussion.  It may also come with some of the most catchy and nonsensical lyrics of the summer (“sixteen six six six like a heart attack”).

Sleigh Bells – Crown On the Ground

Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill

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2 Responses to Sleigh Bells… a belated rebuttal.

  1. material lives says:

    I’m with you, man. St. Vincent, Phantogram, Au Revoir Simone, etc., etc. Love this album, and Rill Rill is one of my favs.

  2. David G says:

    Oh c’mon, ML and Greg, chill your Lillith Fair jets:I like plenty of female bands. And Greg: Metric, 3/4 male; Knife, 1/2 male; Asobi Seksu, 3/4 male; Stars, 4/5 male.

    I had written Sleigh Bells off since I never found myself in the mood for the abrasive “Crown on the Ground.” But I’m digging the other track. 1-UP.

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