An Unswimmy Day with the Great Lake Swimmers

Sometimes in Madison, you get to see a great band for free, such as Toronto’s Great Lake Swimmers, a band I’ve been quietly following for a few years now and who played at the Marquette festival in Yahara Park. It was rainy today, but quite a few of us braved the stormy skies to get an earful of this charming little indie folk band. A highlight was when the lyrics spoke of the sun coming out and the sun actually picked that moment to peek through the sky, to great applause.

and then we ate ice cream:

mint oreo, to be precise.

It was a lovely Sunday.

Great Lake Swimmers: Gonna Make it Through This Year

Great Lake Swimmers: Everything Is Moving So Fast

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One Response to An Unswimmy Day with the Great Lake Swimmers

  1. David G says:

    A) I had Great Lake Swimmers under bands I didn’t like even though it turns out I’ve never heard them. I dig.

    B) Stop having fun without me.

    C) Stop eating ice cream outside of the Franklin Fountain. Also, there’s a gelato place near my new house that I think you’ll dig.

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