and here's the unbeatable original . . .

To complement Chris’ post, below, here is Roy Ayers’ original version, which I love for its disco haze. This is one of those rare songs whose tempo masterfully resonates with its content, as is the case with Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald’ “Summertime,” which I posted a while back.

Roy Ayers: “Sunshine”

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3 Responses to and here's the unbeatable original . . .

  1. Heh! Tom Waits, The Bee Gees, now this. We must be going through some kind of phase. What’s with all the covers?

  2. David G says:

    Cover Narcs: Say No to Originals?

  3. It’s a ripe theme what with this Interweb business. When I searched for Taco’s Puttin’ on the Ritz on HypeMachine (too long to post without effort), I re-discovered the various versions and was tempted . . .

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