Possessed. By "Afro-Jive."

I came across this “rare afro-jive” album last Tuesday (Jackpot Jive) and haven’t stopped listening to it, though I’m generally not of the “international music” (as it is labeled) persuasion. I have no idea whether it is actually “afro-jive” or “rare.” In fact, I have gleaned little about the album and its inhabitants online, except that the song I’ve linked to the post is by the Soweto Boys, and Soweto appears both to be a 60s musical form attributed to the South African city of the same name and also the birthplace of Kwaito, a South African hip-hop form that emerged in the Soweto township, which was a locus point for anti-Apartheid struggle.

This album has got me hooked, though, and intrigued. And Soweto has apparently intrigued others, such as Malcolm McLaren and the Sex Pistols. Enlighten me. Unless you are David/bored at work, in which case, write a one-act play about it.

Soweto Boys: “Bayeza, Part I”

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3 Responses to Possessed. By "Afro-Jive."

  1. David G says:

    This is a great track, Cyd: when you first recommended the album to me, I played this track several times in a row, and have played it five times in a row now. So no one act play required. You’ve actually motivated me, when I get back from vacation in July, to finally get my From Hope to Horn series going. And I wasn’t bored at work, just waiting for a process to finish.

    South African jive is just a broad category of jazz-influenced South African popular music. So, yeah, it’s jive. Given the physical state of much music from this period, “rare” is a pretty tough standard, but I don’t really know.

    Anyway, this track is an A+. IMO, one of the best songs posted on Noise Narcs.

  2. Wow, I’m glad you like it. The whole album is fantastic (bought it last night, since none of the tracks were available on HypeM). I’m now looking forward to your Hope to Horn series.

  3. I second Dave’s sentiments. The track is so laid-back and perfect.

    It’s called “Soweto” because it’s the Southwest Township of Johannesburg. Here’s an informative blog post about it and its music.

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