Sun Airway, Johnny Brenda's, Philly, 6/24

Sun Airway,
Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, PA
What to drink: Keep it sunny with a Victory or Troegs Pils

Philadelphia’s Sun Airway, whom I’ve mentioned twice so far (and whom I’ll keep mentioning until you all acknowledge their awesomeness), are playing their first show ever on Thurday at Philly’s Johnny Brenda’s. I’m on vacation the next day, so you best believe I’ll be there, excited (and beer=ed) as all get out. Oh, and they’ve tripled to a sextet. And there’s gonna be projections.

And if you don’t come, I’ll just put up a review of the show, so you best shut me up and be there.

Nothing new but to summarize:

Sun Airway, “Waiting on You”
Sun Airway, “Oh Naoko”
Sun Airway, “Put the Days Away”

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  1. Too bad they aren’t on either MOG or Rdio. They sound like they’ll be good live. Wah.

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