Hey, baby, wanna kill all humans?

Good news, everybody! Futurama, incredibly, has returned to us tonight.  To commemorate the event, NoiseNarcs-style, I’m posting Pierre Henry‘s “Psyché Rock” from his 1967 musique concréte ballet, Messe Pour Le Temps Presént (Mass for the Present-day).  “Psyché Rock” was Christopher Tyng’s inspiration for Futurama‘s theme song in the same way that “Under Pressure” was the inspiration for “Ice Ice Baby.”

Pierre Henry, “Psyche Rock”

“Oh, dear, I should have shown him Electrogonorrhea: the Noisy Killer instead.” –Prof. Farnsworth

Feel free to post favorite Futurama quotes in the comments section.

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5 Responses to Hey, baby, wanna kill all humans?

  1. & presumably for Sesame Street’s 70s theme song. Every time I hear this, those bells remind me of Big Bird.

  2. Ah, the good old days when children’s programming was all run by hippies and christian ministers. The music was so great!

    Electric Company
    Sesame Street
    3-2-1 Contact!
    Reading Rainbow

    I’m also going to include Picture Pages even though it was from the early nineties because this clip is just awesome.

    Then again, the mid to late eighties, when all children’s shows were produced just to sell crappy toys that I needed to have, were pretty good old days for me too.

    • On the other hand, Kids Incorporated represented some pretty dark days. Being subliminally shaped into a good consumer-citizen is one thing, but this crossed the line.

      The moment at 0:37 when they’re actually painting over the rainbow graffiti says it all.

    • material lives says:

      Yeah, it’s funny. Although the Smurfs was probably one of the most idiotic shows on television, I did a lot of creative play with my Smurf figurines. But nothing beats old Sesame Street.

  3. David G says:

    I dig. Also, excited about Futurama, although that first episode was a bit yawntastic.

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