Owen Pallett's Elemental Devotion.

If one video could build a dedicated fan base, the one below is probably it. The video records Owen Pallett performing “Lewis Takes Off His Shirt” in the middle of a storm, despite the concert techs’ attempts to get him off stage. I imagine everyone at the show that night will be life-long fans of Pallett. It is charming to see a musician so young and full of elan that he won’t let the elements get between him and his violin (call me a girl, but I get overwhelmed with emotion and teary-eyed each time I watch this  and witness his moxie and showmanship).

Finding this video is good timing, as he’d already begun to win me over via the song, (underwhelming) remixes of which were released on Rdio yesterday. Somehow, I had casually passed over his full release Heartland, which I will now pay greater attention to.

P.S. Intentional or no, I’d like to read this video as Owen Pallett’s eff-off to Chan Marshall (Catpower). But since he might not like being used as a pawn in my unidirectional musical wars, I’ll offer this video up myself as evidence of how a musician behaves during live performances when he’s devoted to both his fans and his music.

Owen Pallett: “Lewis Takes Off His Shirt”

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