What little difference a "for" or "to" makes

Last year, as I struggled on whether to include Miike Snow’s debut on my (arbitrary, unimportant) top 10 list, something about one of the tracks really bugged me. It’s not that it was derivative, just an odd coincidence. “Song for No One,” the fourth track of Miike Snow, was backed by an addictive high-pitched surf guitar lick. Jeff Buckley’s collaboration with guitarist Gary Lucas “Song to No One,” the fourth track of Songs to No One was backed by an equally addictive high-pitched guitar lick. Coincidence? Or Buckley’s shady handiwork from his watery grave?

Miike Snow, “Song for No One”
Jeff Buckley and Gary Lucas, “Song to No One”

Also: Miike Snow has released a few singles in ’10. Not good. Retroactive delisting?

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Update: Not to mention, given our recent Twin Peaks post, Buckley’s lyric, “Laura, show this song to no one.” Someone tell Miike MIKE!

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3 Responses to What little difference a "for" or "to" makes

  1. material lives says:

    Absolutely nothing bothers me about this song, as you know. And here on NoiseNarcs, you can’t delist an album because of new tracks.

  2. Christian says:

    The guitar riff of Song to No One sounds a lot like Lover’s Carvings by Bibio hmm….

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