Dr. Einstein's Wife's microwaved fingers

Avey Tare of Animal Collective drops by Pitchfork’s Altered Zones (which, all Pitchfork hating aside, has been amazing) to drop this lesson on what classical composer’s collaborations with pop singers should sound like. In fact, all music should sound like this. Internets, we can all pack it in now: we’re done.

I love the contrast between the clang-y junk rhythms and the analogue backdrop. I’m a sucker for arpeggiators sometimes. Think it was all that Ray Lynch mom played me as a kid. Thanks, mom.

Roberto Cacciapaglia & Ann Steel, “My Time” [via Altered Zones]

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2 Responses to Dr. Einstein's Wife's microwaved fingers

  1. Neat track. I wonder if it’s making reference to Philip Glass’s Einstein on the Beach? Hell of a lot catchier though.

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