"Yeah, go on and run tell your li'l buoyfreen…"

I hereby submit to MinuteMusic Cee-Lo Green’s forthcoming single, “Fuck You.”

It seems the entire internet started bumping this today.  And surely the radio will soon follow, just as soon as they can figure out how to deal with the lyrics.  However, I think this record will get most of its spins as this fall’s ubiquitous club banger.  (Hey Ya much?)  Indeed, whatever pop music conjurer was behind the production managed to combine classic soul tropes just so, ruthlessly tickling our pleasure centers and triggering our replay instincts (and rendering those troublesome lyrics even more inessential).

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One Response to "Yeah, go on and run tell your li'l buoyfreen…"

  1. David G says:

    Yeah, it’s a sweet track, and deservedly blowing up the tubes. Not sure how this could play on the radio: this song would be pretty slack without the tension between the song’s R&B saccharinity and its vulgarity, no?

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