Department of Tender Sci-fi Beast Videos

Just yesterday a friend directed me to Yeasayer’s new “Madder Red” video: it features a gooey-eyed Kristin Bell as the caretaker of sad, doomed alien creature, and I was all set to throw it on here and announce a two-data-point trend of star-laden, indulgently melancholy sci-fi videos (the other point, being, of course, Christina Hendricks’s Broken Bells turn a few months ago).

Then Dave goes ahead and posts MGMT’s “Congratulations” video.  So now the Yeasayer vid is officially Data Point Three!  And, of course, more evidence for the irresistible pathos of decaying Jim Henson creatures.

Yeasayer, \”Madder Red\”

As for the song itself (wait, this is a music blog?), I think I like it, but can’t quite tell if that’s just the papier-mache armadillo-alien thing talking.  Come back to me when I’m further along in the mourning process.

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  1. David G says:

    Yeah, I thought about this video as well when I posted the MGMT video, but I’m equally (if not moreso) ambivalent about Yeasayer’s music. Unavoidable pun: naysayer.

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