We get it, Asthmatic Kitty: Sufjan controls the news cycle

<a href="http://sufjanstevens.bandcamp.com/track/i-walked">I Walked by Sufjan Stevens</a>A track from Sufjan Stevens’ new album that’s not his EP dropped. “I Walked.” It’s good. Sounds pretty similar to “Heirloom,” which we posted on Wednesday, which is to say: very different than his previous work.

I’m as surprised as anyone that I’ve posted on Sufjan Stevens three times this week. Like everyone else wearing a hoodie or Westerns, I was bowled over by Greetings from Michigan. I even have an eidetic memory of where I first listened to it: Catacombs, a now-closed coffee shop in the basement of a church in Madison, WI. And I immediately recommended it to a woman (married) whom I had a crush (platonic, admiring) on. And I liked Illinois a lot. And then… I got really sick of him. That voice. Those damn xylophones. The chirpy woodwinds. When it was fresh, that sound blew my mind; and then it wasn’t fresh, and I just found it cloying. Like most crushes.

All that's left of Catacombs is this crappy Yelp pic

So I never bothered to listen to Avalanches, which was like Sufjan’s Amnesiac, a full album of excess tracks from Illinois. Until now. And it’s pretty damn good. And it has three versions of Illinois‘ best track, “Chicago.” Two are superior to Illinois‘. And one of those is superior enough to make me crush all over again. Crushing so hard I post on Sufjan Stevens three times in a week. So hard I shut off that voice in my head that wonders how you make that “Wicked Games”-esque guitar lick with an acoustic.

Sufjan Stevens, “Chicago (Acoustic Version)”

[Stream all of Avalanche FREE at Bandcamp and then buy it there]

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