Mike Edwards (5/31/1948 – 9/3/2010)

Police in southwestern England say a former member of the Electric Light Orchestra was killed in a freak collision with a huge hay bale that rolled down a steep hill.

The victim was identified on Monday as 62-year-old Mike Edwards, who played cello in the British rock band between 1972 and 1975. (AP)

Electric Light Orchestra, “Mr Blue Sky” (Buy Out of the Blue, 1977)

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5 Responses to Mike Edwards (5/31/1948 – 9/3/2010)

  1. David G says:

    Too soon to make a “then his cello exploded” joke? Yes, yes it is.

    • Jonny says:

      One day, you too will know the pain of losing someone you love. On that day, remember…

      • Jonny, I sometimes question the appropriateness of my turning obituaries into occasions for listening to good music associated with the deceased. Edwards’ death is not a joke but should be a reminder to us all that whether we live or die at any moment is a matter of chance. I assure you that neither Dave nor I mean any offense to his loved ones, and I apologize for our crassness.

        • David G says:

          Sorry, Chris: I’m not apologizing. Certainly, I mean no offense to the dead and his death is saddening for those close to him, but Edwards’ years of seclusion and lack of interest in fame should make this point clear: all this press around his death is vanity. And Jonny’s response is no less in vain than my silly joke.

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