Upcoming Shows I Can't Wait For: Bear in Heaven/Sun Airway

Back in March, I saw Bear in Heaven take the undercard for Cymbals Eat Guitars at Johnny Brenda’s. A few notable things happened:

1.) WXPN favorites Freelance Whales lived up to their name: intolerable, unforgivable cuteness.
2.) Bear in Heaven stole the show outright. Absolutely incredible. Seriously vying for my favorite live performance of the year. I liked the album going in; I loved it going out.
3.) So stunned by the Bear in Heaven show, especially their Animal-like drummer, I stumbled to the bathroom and struck up a conversation with a stranger. “So, which band are you here to see?” Note to self: Don’t ask the lead singer of the headlining band that.

In June, I saw Sun Airway play a set at Johnny Brenda’s. Two notable things happened:

1.) They played well but only a few songs.
2.) Their projected visuals, from Klip Collective (see above), were amazing.

How’s the math go? 3 + 2 = 6? New WXPN blog The Key just announced that Sun Airway, with an upcoming album’s worth of material, will be opening for Bear in Heaven at Johnny Brenda’s on November 17th [Buy Tickets]. Circle of life. WXPN, consider yourself forgiven for Freelance Whales.

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3 Responses to Upcoming Shows I Can't Wait For: Bear in Heaven/Sun Airway

  1. I thought I listened to Bear in Heaven when it came out, but obviously I didn’t, because I just heard this playing on our site, and was like, “What ho? What’s this?” Effing awesome track. Can’t wait to go re-listen.

    • David G says:

      Glad to hear it. I like this album quite a bit, although the experience of seeing them live was definitely superior to the studio (and made me enjoy the album more and in different ways). The drummer was crazy-insane. This’ll be the first time in my life I’ll be going to see the same band play twice in a year (excluding local acts like Blood Feathers or bands my friends have been in).

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