Eddie Fisher: In Memorium/Childhood Ignorance

David already posted about Eddie Fisher’s passing, but I need to give my eulogy as well, in honor of my childhood ignorance. Eddie Fisher was my father’s teenage idol. Years later, once my father had an established practice as an attorney, Eddie Fisher’s representative, Victor Jarmel, contacted my father and asked him to represent Eddie. My father agreed and became Eddie’s attorney, friend, and confidant.

Unfortunately, my father could never convince me in my childhood of Eddie’s greatness, even after forcing me to listen to thousands of hours of his music (granted, he would play Eddie Fisher in the car while smoking cigars with the windows rolled up, which could produce an aversion in anyone) and watching every film he ever starred in. Even as Eddie would play our piano and sing in our living room, I stuck my unproverbial tongue out at the 50s sound I hadn’t yet become enchanted with. And once, to my deepest embarrassment, my father sent Eddie to my school to pick me up. Because my name is Cydney, he roamed through the echoing halls crooning his famous tune, “Cindy, Oh Cindy.” Being the nerd I was, I really didn’t need anything else to set me apart from the other kids. Little did I realize how much cultural capital could later come from knowing Princess Leia’s father.

Upon hearing of Eddie’s death today, I feel a strange sadness for this man who was the equivalent of my Madonna, Prince, or Andre Agassi. Perhaps it is because Eddie’s death reminds me of my father’s mortality. Or because I know that my father will undoubtedly feel a greater sense of his own mortality with his friend’s loss.

Below is a clip from the show Eddie hosted, Coke Time, ironically representative of the drug addiction that would plague his life from that point out.

Eddie Fisher, “Cindy Oh Cindy”

Eddie Fisher: “Oh My Papa”

You can buy most of Eddie’s music, including his greatest hits, on Amazon, by clicking here.

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3 Responses to Eddie Fisher: In Memorium/Childhood Ignorance

  1. David G says:

    Did not know that. Pretty amazing stuff. Be prepared to be called “CinDy” for the rest of your life by me.

  2. Linddar says:

    I am a lifelong fan of Eddie Fisher and remember it well when he did this Coke show. I had the pleasure of spending an evening with him (plus a few friends of his) approximately in 1980 (give or take a few years) at the Newport Hotel in North Miami Beach. (I was a friend of Vic Jarmel’s) He performed at the hotel and was fantastic. I think I’ll look up his music on Amazon.

    • Betty says:

      I am a life long fan of Eddie Fisher’s too. I saw Eddie at the Newport in Miami Beach, and prior to that at the Konover. The Newport was March of 1986. He was a wondeful person and I will always cherish the time I spent with him. I taped all of his shows, and I listen to them a lot. They bring back such sweet memories of Eddie, a great talent, and a sweet man.

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