Object Attachment

The last time +/- {plus/minus} updated their blog was on my birthday, Jan 3. The last time I saw some of the band members’ previous outfit, Versus, live was Jan 3 some years ago. Isn’t that a pointless, delightful little coincidence that absolutely no one cares about but me?

On the subject of object attachment, I recently read research that has found that people–duh–attach special significance to the number of their birthday. But I would argue that there’s no bias here; 3 is clearly the best number.

+/- {plus/minus} just released a CD of previously unreleased tracks, Pulled Punches. So far, so good. But, plus/minus: Could you have thought about the industry & bloggers when you constructed this stupid, stupid band name? FYI, you are pretty much unfindable on allmusic.com.

I’m posting the track “Pencil Me In.” Does anyone know if the track “All Dead, All Dead” is an Elliot Smith tribute? It certainly sounds like it is, in content and form.

I’m also posting a Versus track, one of my faves, “Shooting Star.” Anyone who makes an album titled Deep Red deserves our respect. Because deep red clearly is the best color, and not because my birthstone is garnet.

+/- {Plus/Minus}: “Pencil Me In”

Versus: “Shooting Star”

You can buy Pulled Punches on the band’s website or download the MP3 album here.

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One Response to Object Attachment

  1. Christopher T says:

    I’m really liking “Pencil Me In.” With the flute it’s got a really neat sort of South American folk sound. Reminds me of Gato Barbieri’s Bolivia, one of my favorite jazz albums. And “Shooting Star” is growing on me.

    You’re right about 3 by the way. Speaking objectively, it really is the best.

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