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Chromeo, Remixed. Aeroplane, Remixer.

Aeroplane has a late July mix out that you can download on Soundcloud, by clicking here.

On it is Aeroplane’s more-than-weekend-worthy remix of Chromeo’s “Don’t Turn the Lights On,” which I’ve posted below for your pre-party dancin’ enjoyment.

Chromeo: “Don’t Turn the Lights On” (Aeroplane Remix)

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I always love it when I start to listen to an album and it hits me in the viscera, you know, those base places. Such is the case with Autolux’s newest release, Transit Transit. Part electronic, part post-punk, the L.A. trio add something new to a sound molded off bands such as Sonic Youth & Nirvana. Or perhaps I’m just particularly susceptible to this fusion.

Autolux: “Highchair”

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Guess what day today is?

I’ll let the music speak for itself.

The Smiths: “Frankly, Mr. Shankly”

And this isn’t really my style, but it does make me giggle just a little . . .

You can buy Frankly, Mr. Shankly off of The Queen is Dead here.

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Happy Post-Monday!

Don't the Sunbirds look sunny?

Today Rdio gifted me the Sunbirds, whose EP River Run is filled with great melodies, lyrics, and an indie rock beat. The band members apparently hail from London, L.A., and France, and people are claiming they can hear this in the music’s eclecticism, and maybe they can.

Rdio also recently exposed me to a band I’m not sure how I’ve missed for so long, being as Boards of Canada Orb-esque as it is, but it’s fitting that I post Marumari’s “Searching for the Sasha Wolf” today, after a night of hearing coyotes howl while camping in Wyalusing State Park. Marumari is apparently a one-man-band located in Providence, Rhode Island, one of my favorite cities. And his 2000 The Wolves Hollow is a chill, sonically interesting listen, in the vein of, you guessed it, the aforementioned bands.

Sunbirds: “River Run”

Marumari: “Searching for the Sasha Wolf”

You can buy the albums by clicking on the links above.

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Feel it in My Bones

I didn’t love Tegan & Sara’s most recent release, Sainthood. None of their recent albums have come close to the indie pop perfection of So Jealous, an album that gave me high hopes for the band.

However, I do like this Tiesto track featuring the twins, “Feel it in My Bones,” one that slutted around the I-way last summer, and so I give you a Friday track on Wednesday, following in David’s footsteps of pretending it was the weekend last Thursday. Our attention span is getting shorter and shorter here on NoiseNarcs. Also, why do all indie twins have to be this hot?

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~.~ Our Home is All Around Us ~.~

Have you ever imagined what Bjork would do if she were asked to play the part of a mom whale? Well, that’s what she’s doing on a series of tracks she collaborated on with the Dirty Projectors.

The group of musicians produced an album titled Mount Wittenberg Orca, the proceeds of which they are donating entirely to the National Geographic Society, to try and help create areas of oceanic sustainability. The project was apparently conceived when Stereogum asked the Dirty Projectors and Bjork to collaborate on a musical project, and then, around that time, one of the Dirty Projectors band members was walking along Mount Wittenberg and spotted  a family of whales. And they asked to Bjork to play the mom whale. I like the idea of the Dirty Projectors as Bjork’s children.

Has anyone else ever noticed how you can hear when Bjork is smiling while singing?

Bjork and Dirty Projectors: “On and Ever Onward

You can learn more about the collab and download the album for a sliding scale donation here.

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a damp drizzly november in my soul

or in Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton/Broken Bells/1/2 Gnarls Barkley), Sparklehorse, and David Lynch’s souls.

The trio and then some collaborated on an album titled Dark Night of My Soul, which was finally properly released a couple of days ago after being held up due to a legal dispute between Burton and  EMI. The album is aptly titled, when we consider that both Sparklehorse’s Mark Linkous and Vic Chesnutt, who is featured on a track, both committed suicide this past year.

Burton asked David Lynch (who is also featured on one track) to contribute still photographs to the project (see above), and so he did, and they are on display in Michael Kohn’s Los Angeles gallery, where the album plays on repeat.

The album is, like most of Brian Burton’s work, compelling, not just sonically and lyrically (not suprising considering Linkous and Burton’s oeuvre), but in terms of the contributors they enlisted: Iggy Pop, Suzanne Vega, Vic Chesnutt, Gruff Rhys, Frank Black, Nina Persson, etc.

I’m going to shut up and not describe this album, which I am mildly obsessed with, because you have to just listen yourself. Here’s my fave so far.

You can learn more and buy the album through its website.

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Things That are Unfair

I didn’t get to be a twin growing up, and I also didn’t get to be an indie musical superstar, as I used to fantasize I might when I was little and wrote music on my Casio. Apparently, the School of Seven Bells identical twins, Alejandra and Cladia Deheza, got to fulfill all of my secret dreams.

From the songs I’ve heard so far, the band’s sophomore release (the band is comprised of the Deheza twins + Benjamin Curtis, formerly of Secret Machines), Disconnect from Desire, builds on the last one, offering a layered, complex, gorgeous, melodic sound in the vein of Lush,  the Cocteau Twins, and others. My favorite track so far is the extremely Stereolabesque “Babelonia.”

Apparently, the band writes the lyrics first and then builds music around it, which is pretty much the exact opposite way I’ve always composed. I always like to learn about people’s methods, for making music, writing, and everything else. Are there videos out there of famous bands in the process of writing music together?

The band is playing at the Majestic Theater in Madison, Wisconsin on September 15, and I plan on being there in order to be lured in person by these ladies’ siren songs.

School of Seven Bells: “Babelonia”

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Turn Our Brains Off and File under Poptastic

I can’t believe people are still going on about M.I.A. “fighting the power,” because while her recent release offers some great pop tracks, they are more variations on a trend than groundbreaking excursions into new musical terrain.

And her lyrics offer no insight:

“I’ll throw your shit in your face when I see ya cause I got something to say. I was born free.”

“Connected to the Google, Connected to the government.”

“You want me, cause you’re tweeting me like tweety bird on your Iphone.”

M.I.A. waxes politically against “the Google” and the “Iphone,” and then casually refers to being tweeted by a man with an Iphone who wants her. I’m confused.

But confusion aside, this album is filled with some adept pop songs. So I think we should turn our brains off  and  file this one under poptastic.


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If Elliott Smith and Bjork Had Had an Affair (pre Barney, of course)

Here on Noise Narcs, someone has to sometimes post electronica or we might get lost in a sea of Dylanesque masculinity. Besides, it’s the weekend.

So, here are three tracks. First, in honor of my sister who is always in trouble for not reading this blog,  is Grum’s “Through the Night,” a nostalgia-laden dance track that has been cheering hearts from Miami to Ibiza to Madison. My sister introduced me to Grum’s recent release Heartbeats this past weekend, while we danced in a hot apartment with boys wearing bikini tops and wearing Mexican masks and nevernudes. Grum is getting compared a lot these days to Daft Punk and even Giorgio Moroder. The album, like so many others these days, harkens back to the 80s while still keeping an eye on the modern dance floor. It’s a little uneven, but the good songs are worth it.

Second comes from LA duo Ory Hodis and Mike Jerugim’s recent release under the moniker Undo, an indie electronica album that, while a bit unsteady in places, is a strong listen. They’re being called organic and other things that make little sense to me. I’m posting “Tungsten,” a song about Polaroids that reminds me of what would happen if Elliott Smith had a brief, passionate affair with Bjork, and “Five Minutes.” People are comparing this album to Atlas Sound, for reasons I know and care not.

Grum: “Through the Night”

Undo: “Tungsten”

Undo: “Five Minutes”

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