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Turkey Daze

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  The leaves have been stretching themselves out to catch as many timid autumn rays as possible before turning brittle and brown.  Pilsners and IPAs are giving way to porters and stouts.  Perhaps the hopes of Philadelphia sports fans, ultimately dashed by our beloved Phillies, are beginning to get up again, so that the Eagles may ultimately dash them.

And Americans from coast to coast are preparing to commemorate something by surrounding themselves with family to watch football, talk politics, and (most importantly) gorge themselves stupid with the year’s bountiful harvest.  We’ll feast upon all of the side dishes that made this country great and help ourselves to serving after serving of my least favorite poultry.

Except that this post isn’t about that kind of turkey, it’s about the country that Allen Iverson, strangely, now calls home.  Haha.  Bait and switch.

This past summer, Bouzouki Joe records released Turkish Freakout, an excellent and well-researched compilation of 1970s psych-folk singles, such as Ersen’s 1973 hit, “Gunese Don Cicegim.”

Check it out:

Turkey is often referred to as the meeting point between East and West, a statement verified by this selection of choice Turkish grooves. The western rock, psych, funk and jazz influences that began to be incorporated into traditional Turkish sounds during the late 60s and 70s can be heard here, as the Anadolu pop sound of Turkeyma balanced these new elements with the complex sounds and rhythms developed over many years. All tracks are referenced from their original 7 inch releases, painstakingly tracked down from various sources in and around Istanbul. The marriage of these styles is original, captivating and bound to freak you out.

Ersen, “Gunese Don Cicegim” [Buy Turkish Freakout]

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Singles Mixer II: I like dreams, except when they're scary.

If, as mine is, thy life a slumber be,
Seem, when thou read’st these lines, to dream of me…
–John Donne

I haven’t had much time for posting lately, so I thought I’d throw a bunch of tracks at you at once.  Today’s theme is: Dreams.

Totem Pole, from West Palm Beach, FL, released an EP titled Caves and Tunnels, Mountains and Stairs (streamable and downloadable here) way back in July, but for some stupid reason I’m only finding out about it now.

Totem Pole, “Voyeuristic Tradition”

Nothing too scary about that.  In fact, it’s sort of soothing in a psychedelic, early Pink Floyd-meets-the Beach Boys kind of way.  But that’s about to change.

This next track is off the Resident’s 2008 release, Bunny Boy.  Like every Residents’ release, it was a weird concept album.  Bunny Boy is about a Non compos mentis friend of the Residents, who enlists the band’s help to track down his apocalypse-obsessed brother, Harvey, who may or may not actually exist, but whom Bunny Boy claims has disappeared on the island of Patmos, where St John of Patmos authored the Book of Revelations.  I saw this album performed at the Trocadero in 2009.  It was…a trip.

The Residents, “Fever Dreams” [Buy Bunny Boy]

Sleep tight; don't let the bedbugs (thanks a lot NYC) bite. (Image from an episode of The Outer Limits, "The Zanti Misfit".)

Pretty weird.  Fortunately, the next track isn’t scary, exactly.  If I were Jennifer Lopez in The Cell, there would definitely be worse dreams to walk into than Gary Wilson’s.  It would be a pretty awkward scene, though.  Wilson released You Think You Really Know Me in 1977, but never made much of a splash until Odelay-era Beck cited him as an influence.  Since then he’s developed a significant cult following, and in a surprise twist is now poised to release a brand new album, Electric Endicott, in November.

Gary Wilson, “When You Walk into My Dreams” [Buy You Think You Really Know Me]

He’ll be performing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this Wednesday, Oct. 27, backed by the Roots.  I’m pretty excited for it.

Lastly, because it’s the weekend, here’s a Billy Ocean classic.  Decide for yourself whether it’s scary or not.

Billy Ocean, “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car” [Buy Billy Ocean – Greatest Hits]

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Minute Music: Buddy Holly, "True Love Ways"

The other day, when I heard about these two artificially conceived pandas born in Spain last month, I became suddenly irritable and said, “Why should we care about pandas?  What’s so great about them?”

In response, my more level-headed girlfriend said “this is why” and showed me this series of commercials selling cheese in Egypt:

Since Noise Narcs is a music blog, here’s Buddy Holly’s “True Love Ways” in full:

Buddy Holly and the Crickets, “True Love Ways” [Buy 20th Century Masters: The Best of Buddy Holly]

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Elevator Music

Here is my long overdue initial contribution to the Noise Narcs community.

When I was growing up my mom insisted on my brother and me taking piano lessons, and when I was about 12 I quit to focus on my athletic career. This turned out to be a mistake, as I have yet to impress any girls with my baseball or basketball skills. I imagine I might be able to woo them if I could sit down at a piano and play something romantic, like some Chopin, Beethoven, or the piano version of Sisqo’s opus “The Thong Song.”

I stumbled across this amazing video of Arcade Fire playing the title-track from their 2007 album Neon Bible while in an elevator, and if my mom would have just had the foresight to make me take magazine playing lessons, I probably would never have quit, and I would be an acclaimed musician who had the ability to impress the ladies.


Arcade Fire, “Neon Bible (Live in an Elevator)”

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This Weekend's Weather: Pack your Thermal Earmuffs

In Philly, we celebrate New Years with a culturally subversive, Saturnalia- (yay) and black face- rooted (ugh), men-in-feathers celebration called the Mummers. It involves day drinking, a parade, lots of music and noise, and looks like this:

Back when I lived right on Broad Street, I woke up slightly under the weather horribly hungover horribly hungover and still drunk to my alarm going off at some ungodly hour (in the AM even). After five minutes of trying to figure out what was wrong with my off switch, I realized that my alarm was in fact not going off. That the noise was the Mummers strolling down Broad Street and straight into my pounding head.

So I know exactly how ex-Sleater Kinney member Carrie Brownstein feels in this new The Thermals video, “I Don’t Believe You,” from their forthcoming Personal Life, out September 7th. (Also, they play Philly’s First Uni on 10/12).

And for good measure, their classic “A Pillar of Salt” from 2006’s The Body, The Blood, The Machine:

The Thermals, “Pillar of Salt” [Buy]

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Sweden: shwjergen!

Sweden has a lot going for it.   Its many cultural achievements include: anti-copyright advocates, bloodthirsty children, a serious love of coffeefrightening poetry*, meatballs, dancing policemenand goth detectives

But speaking of Swedish trilogies…back in January, the folk-electronica sextet from Malmö, Sweden, Fredrik, released a sophomore album Trilogi that is really three limited release EPs put together.  Evocative and eerie, Trilogi takes you on a thematic journey from Frozen Forests to the Underworld.  While I find it hit or miss at times, tracks like the plaintive and medieval sounding “Milo” makes Fredrik one more thing for Sweden to crow about.

Apparently they did a one week US tour back during Snowpocalypse 2010, stopping hardly anywhere (and yet finding time to play a bookstore in Harrisburg?), but if you like this you can catch them in a stripped down, acoustic, slightly hungover form over at the NPR website.

Fredrik, “Milo”

You can buy Trilogi at Amazon.

It’s not exactly weekend dancing music (unlike The Gas House Gorillas, who played energetic swing music to an appreciative Musikfest crowd of saddle-shoed hipsters and old folks alike the other night), but I like it.

*If you click on any of these links, click on this one.

Update!  I forgot…that NPR concert has spooky whistling.

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And for more dancin' fun, some Treasure Fingers

Here’s a link to Treasure Fingers’ July 15, 2010 live dj set at San Francisco’s Temple. Treasure Fingers is one of my sister’s and my favorite djs du jour. And below is one of my fave July dance tracks, which also happens to be track one on this live set (Minus the intrusive overlay of a dude continuously saying “TREASURE FINGERSSSS.”).

Off to Chicago to dance Kaskade-style with my sister. Shake it!

Tensnake: “Coma Cat”

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Chromeo, Remixed. Aeroplane, Remixer.

Aeroplane has a late July mix out that you can download on Soundcloud, by clicking here.

On it is Aeroplane’s more-than-weekend-worthy remix of Chromeo’s “Don’t Turn the Lights On,” which I’ve posted below for your pre-party dancin’ enjoyment.

Chromeo: “Don’t Turn the Lights On” (Aeroplane Remix)

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Feel it in My Bones

I didn’t love Tegan & Sara’s most recent release, Sainthood. None of their recent albums have come close to the indie pop perfection of So Jealous, an album that gave me high hopes for the band.

However, I do like this Tiesto track featuring the twins, “Feel it in My Bones,” one that slutted around the I-way last summer, and so I give you a Friday track on Wednesday, following in David’s footsteps of pretending it was the weekend last Thursday. Our attention span is getting shorter and shorter here on NoiseNarcs. Also, why do all indie twins have to be this hot?

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This remix is freaking my weekend

The calendar keeps telling me that it’s Thursday. But I’m pretty sure it’s Friday. Disagree? Listen to this super-hot track by Doneao and Princess, brought to my attention by Gang Gang Dance’s Lizzi Bougatsos in Pitchfork’s new blog, Altered Zones. Then we’ll see who’s right: me or the calendar.

Donaeo & Princess: “Party Hard (Remix) [via Altered Zones]

Check out Donaeo’s or Princess’s shop.

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