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Hipster puppies meets Wolf People

Mr. Cocomo still makes the “why are there so many ‘wolf bands’” joke, like five years after the fact.

Am I using London’s Wolf People as an excuse to post about Hipster Puppies? Absolutely. But I do think that Wolf People are a good substitute while I wait for Black Keys’ new album to come out. (Even if Tidings has a lot of filler.) Plus, who doesn’t love ’70s blues rock with flutes? Flutes!

Wolf People, “Cotton Strands”

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Snow Day Music: Stricken City

Stricken City: Songs About People I knowI’m working on a few “larger” posts, but with Philadelphia about to be hit with another foot of snow, which would make this the winter with the largest snow accumulation in Philadelphia’s history, I’m just not up to anything approaching depth.

Thank God I listened to the Stricken City’s Songs About People I Know this morning. Part The Slits, part Yeah Yeah Yeahs, part PJ Harvey, all post punk pop: the perfect music for dancing around your apartment on a snow day. I remember reading a critic calling The Catcher in the Rye the best “minor novel” of the post-war period. I felt the same way about 2008’s Little Joy album and Stricken City’s Songs: really great minor albums.

Stricken City, “Small Things”

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