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1-Up: How I Got Over Joanna Newsom

The Roots, legendary as their crew continues to be, burned their brighest for me the summer after high school. Things Fall Apart was the soundtrack of (white suburban) graduation party after (white suburban) graduation party. But then in college, Roots Come Alive was played so frequently in my buddies’ cars that I came to wince in anticipation of the piercing sound of ?uestlove’s live kit. A lot has happened since then in OK Player-ville: complaining about not wanting to be a rap group for white fans, several uneven albums, and then shockingly and brilliantly taking the musical reins of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Joanna Newsom, however, has always played a steady role in my estimation: the agent of annoyance. Even when it came to this site’s 1-UP feature, she still fell short. Which is what makes this so tough because:

I love the new Roots album, How I Got Over. Total Top 10 of 2010 candidate. And worse: I love the collaboration with Joanna Newsom. It’s just good. Not so good that I’ll pick up the Joanna Newsom Boxset with Limited Edition Plastic Harp and Screeching Cat Accompanist, but good.

The Roots, “Right On (ft. Joanna Newsom and STS)”

Buy The Roots’ How I Got Over at Amazon

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