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Noise Narcs Most Anticipated Albums of 2017

Rank Artist Album Release Date / Release Certainty Comment
1 The War on Drugs TBA Recording Could not be more stoked.
2 Phosphorescent TBA Recording Although, I’m pretty stoked about this.
3 LCD Soundsystem TBA TBA Fingers crossed for a non-Michael Jackson-like unretirement.
4 Run the Jewels Run the Jewels 3 1/13/2017 I ranked this where I would have put it not having listened to it.
5 Spoon TBA March 2017 Although that “dance” track lead single gives me a lot of pause.
6 The xx I See You 1/13/2017 Jaime XX spillover hype.
7 St. Vincent St. Vincent TBA A real “sea change” album. Hmm.
8 Arcade Fire TBA TBA Really hoping for an improved bloat/excellence ratio.
9 Flaming Lips Oczy Mlody 1/13/2017 Woof. Having now heard this, man, has it been a while since they’ve strung together more than one good album.
10 Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend TBA The first post-Rostam Batmanglij album.
11 Strand Of Oaks Hard Love 2/17/2017 If there is one album that could unseat War on Drugs for Philly album of the year…
12 Beck TBA Wishful Thinking There were rumors that this “party time” Beck album was going to come out in 2015.
13 Fleet Foxes TBA TBA How uncool is it to like them now? Don’t care.
14 Grandaddy Last Place 3/3/2017 Oh, nostalgia. You make my rankings so poor.
15 Bjork TBA Recording Tell that French DJ, Tricky, to move out!
16 Jens Lekman Life Will See You Now 2/17/2017 Not worried at all about there being good songs here. Somewhat worried about their being some clunkers.
17 Father John Misty TBA Rumors No amount of social media nonsense will stop my music crush.
18 Spiritualized TBA TBA Claimed as his last album.
19 The National TBA TBA A weirdly conflicting band for me. Shrug.
20 MGMT TBA Rumors Hope springs eternal.
21 Sheer Mag TBA TBA Philly rawk at its finest.
22 Grizzly Bear TBA TBA 2009, please?
23 Broken Social Scene TBA TBA Maybe this should be higher?
24 Jay Z TBA Rumors Wouldn’t it be amazing, just fucking AMAZING, if Jay dropped a Beyonce diss album? Imagine the Tumblr metldown! Imagine if it weren’t a Samsung commercial again! That’s to say: if Jay-Z’s new album is a Beyonce diss, put this at #1.
25 Mac Demarco TBA TBA
26 Dirty Projectors TBA TBA 2009, please?
27 Gorillaz TBA TBA
28 Bruce Springsteen TBA TBA
29 Real Estate TBA TBA
30 Midlake + Jason Liddle +Ben Bridwell + Alex Kapranos Project Vol. 1. TBA
31 The Shins Heartworms 3/10/2017 “Dead Alive” was good!
32 Steve Gunn TBA Rumors
33 Magnetic Fields 50 Song Memoir 3/3/2017 It’s 1999, right?
34 Jessie Ware TBA Wishful Thinking
35 Phoenix TBA TBA
36 Sigur Ros TBA Rumors
37 Allison Crutchfield Tourist In This Town 1/27/2017
38 Earl Sweatshirt TBA TBA
39 School Boy Q TBA TBA
40 HAIM TBA TBA Wouldn’t it be great if this were their Tusk?
41 Laura Marling Semper Femina 3/10/2017
42 LIV TBA TBA Swedish supergroup comparing their album to Tusk? GIVE IT TO ME NOW. (If it doesn’t suck.)
43 Sun Airway Heraldic Black Cherry TBA Hey, another Philly album!
44 Pissed Jeans Why Love Now 2/24/2107
45 Chromatics Dear Tommy Detox Sure, this could exist.
46 Sun Kil Moon Common As Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood 2/28/2017 I saw exactly one concert in 2016: 30 minutes of Mark Kozelok playing two songs and rambling. It was not great.
47 Foxygen Hang 1/20/2017 Hope springs eternal. And so do suckers.
48 Japandroids Near to the Wild Heart of Life 1/27/2017 Revival hype for a band I never listened to that much.
49 At the Drive-In TBA TBA I am excited for a band I haven’t listened to in five plus years.
50 My Morning Jacket TBA Recording
51 King Krule TBA TBA
52 Ty Segall Ty Segall 1/27/2017
53 The Jesus And Mary Chain Damage And Joy 3/25/2017
54 Sky Ferreira Masochism TBA
55 Drake More Life TBA
56 Neutral Milk Hotel TBA Wishful Thinking This would obviously be much, much higher if the rumor of new music wasn’t based on a goddamn cryptic painting.
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Top Albums of 2016 now available!

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Noise Narcs’ Most Anticipated Albums of 2016: March Update

Andrew Bird, Are You Serious. 4/1/2016
Band of Horses, Why Are You Ok, June 2016
Bat for Lashes, The Bride, 7/1/2016
Beth Orton, Kidsticks, 5/27/2016
Bob Dylan, Fallen Angels, TBA
Brian Eno, The Ship, 4/26/2016
Cate le Bon, Crab Day, 4/15/2016
Colin Stetson, SORROW, TBA
Explosions in the Sky, The Wilderness, 4/1/2016
Gold Panda, Good Luck and Do Your Best, 5/27/2016
Iggy Pop and Josh Homme, Post Pop Depression, March 2016
Islands, Should I Remain Here at Sea?, 5/13/206
Islands, Taste, 5/13/2016
Kevin Morby, Singing Saw, 4/15/2016
Marissa Nadler, Strangers, 5/20/2016
Parquest Courts, Human Performance, 4/8/2016
Peter Bjorn and John, Breakin’ Point, 6/10/2016
Sam Beam and Jeca Hoop, Love Letter for Fire, 4/15/2016
The Skiffle Players (Cass McCombs), Skilfflin’,2/12/2016
Whitney, Light Upon the Lake, 6/3/2016
Woods, Sun City Eater in the River of Light, 4/8/2016

PJ Harvey, The HOpe Six Demolition Project, 4/15/2016
M83, Junk, 4/8/2016
Car Seat Headreast, Teens of Denial, 5/20/2016

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Noise Narcs’ Most Anticipated Albums of 2016

Our list of most anticipated albums of 2015 suffered from some dissapointments. Anticipated albums from PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Kanye, Run the Jewels, Beck, James Blake, and Kanye (although with each dreadful track he drops, that’s looking like a blessing) never materializing certainly hurt. But where was my head when I ranked Jamie XX at #48? Courtney Barnett at #46? But all and all, for albums in the top 20 that were actually released, I’d rank all of them in Very Good condition. And hey, at least we listed newcomers Viet Cong and Natalie Prass.

2016? Well, there are likely albums from PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Run the Jewels, LCD Soundsystem, and The xx. That top 5 seems about as bankable as you can get. And even the faintest hint of a Phosphorescent album gives me the vapors.

If I had to call some sleepers out of my ass, I’d go for Savages, Strand of Oaks, Car Seat Headrest, Lushlife, and Frankie Cosmos to take big steps into the spotlight with excellent albums.

A lot to be excited about in 2016. But me? I’m most excited to be on the vanguard of turning on Kanye, True Detective second season style. Swish is gonna jumpman that shark (groan) (but what? are we going to pretend that is less clever than the garbage on “Facts”?).

Rank Artist Album Release Date / Release Certainty Comment
1 PJ Harvey TBA TBA I’m still basking in the glory of Let England Shake. Most artists self-consciously recording their albumnin Afghanistan and Washington DC would warrant a raised eyebrow. Not Miss Polly Jean.
2 Run the Jewels ˜Run the Jewels 3 TBA Woof the Jewels 4 set for 2017?
3 Phosphorescent TBA Recording Hard to Be Humble (When Your Last Two Albums Have Been This Good)
4 Radiohead TBA Recording A little nervous about this.
5 LCD Soundsystem TBA TBA Most predictable temporary retirement since Jordan.
6 The xx TBA TBA Hype on fleek after that Jamie XX album.
7 Savages Adore Life 1/22/2016 All their snarl plus the torch-y cleaned up sound of lead single “Adore Life.” I’m *pumped*.
8 James Blake Radio Silence TBA Pretty curious to see where he’s going next.
9 Beck TBA Wishful thinking I like sad Beck better.
10 FKA (ex Viet Cong) TBA TBA Changing your name from Viet Cong over PC pressure is very silly. Their first album was very not silly.
11 Vampire Weekend TBA Rumors Reliably better than I remember.
12 David Bowie 1/8/2016 I have a strong suspicion this will be unlistenable but awesome.
13 Bon Iver TBA Rumors I think would be higher if I could finally shake the feeling that however good Bon Iver’s music is, it’s fundamentally lame.
14 Strand Of Oaks TBA Rumors HEAL has been marching up in my esteem every day since its 2014 release.
15 Car Seat Headrest Teens of Denial TBA Just missed my personal top ten. Will be very interesting to see what he does with a real studio recording.
16 Tortoise The Catastrophist˜ 1/22/2016 Lead single “Gesceap” sounds a little like the soundtrack from 90s computer game Skyroads. Which is to say: awesome.
17 Frankie Cosmos TBA TBA Her EPs have been full of lo-fi gems.
18 Bruce Springsteen TBA Rumors “More of a solo project” means “Nebraska II: Accoustic Boogaloo” right?!?
19 Lushlife / CSLSX Ritualize 2/19/2016 Friend of NN Raj album looks to be a monster. Killer Mike guesting? “Body Double” looking to be a top track of the year? Tonybee Suites?
20 Miike Snow III 3/4/2016 After numerous dud releases, I thought I’d never go back to this well. But “Genghis Khan” is stellar.
21 Japandroids TBA Rumors
22 Grizzly Bear TBA TBA
23 Grandaddy TBA TBA Reunion albums always dissapoint, except when they don’t.
24 War on Drugs TBA Wishful Thinking I really doubt this album will come out this year, but I’d be so stoked if it did.
25 Young Thug Hy!?UN35 TBA This is way too high. Unless it’s way too low.
26 M83 TBA TBA I suspect I should be more excited about this than I am.
27 Loretta Lynn Full Circle My favorite musical experience of the year as an audience member was requesting “Fist City” at a honkytonk in Nashville.
28 Drake Views From the 6 TBA
29 Midlake + Jason Liddle +Ben Bridwell + Alex Kapranos Project Vol. 1. TBA Midlake’s albums are overlooked to your own loss. I’m intrigued by this craziness.
30 Steve Gunn TBA Rumors Would be a bit higher if this album was more certain (or if he were still in Philly #localbias).
31 Chromatics Dear Tommy TBA Approaching Detox status.
32 Charles Bradley Changes˜ TBA This album won’t be as good as his live show. That’s aight.
33 Frank Ocean Boys Don’t Cry TBA I still don’t buy the hype.
34 Gorillaz TBA TBA
35 M. Ward More Rain 3/4/2016
36 MGMT TBA TBA Another album as bad as the last, and I’m done.
37 Jeff Buckley You and I˜ 3/11/2016 I should know better than to be excited about this. I don’t.
38 Elliott Smith Heaven Adores You˜OST˜ 2/5/2016 I should *really* know better than to be excited about this. I don’t.
39 A.M. Mills TBA TBA Please?
40 ANOHNI (ex-Antony, ex-Antony and the Johnsons) Hopelessness TBA Intensely political electronic album? Oh.
41 Haim TBA TBA If they react against the haters by being less like Fleetwood Mac, that would be a giant mistake. In fact, everyone on this list should sound more like FM.
42 Ty Segall Emotional Mugger 1/22/2016
43 The Strokes TBA TBA
44 Real Estate TBA Rumors Was bored by their last album but woul be significantly higher if the rumors were more credible.
45 Lorde TBA TBA
46 Santigold 99? 2/26/2016 “Can’t Get Enough of Myself” with all its Afropop glory is more than enough reason to pay attention to Santigold,
47 Porches Pool 2/5/2016
48 School of Seven Bells SVIIB 2/5/2016
49 Chairlift Moth 1/22/2016
50 Eleanor Friedberger New View 1/22/2016
51 Animal Collective Painting With˜ 2/5/2016 If the rest of the album is as bad as “FloriDada” can we start a Kickstarter to get Panda Bear out of the band.
52 DJ Shadow TBA TBA Man, 1996 was a long time ago.
53 M.I.A. Matahdatah TBA
54 Missy Elliott TBA TBA
55 Sigur R›s TBA TBA
56 Spiritualized TBA TBA
57 Swearin’ TBA TBA
58 Junior Boys Big Black Coat˜ 2/5/2016
59 Ths Shins TBA TBA
60 Blood Orange TBA TBA
61 Local Natives TBA Recording
62 Major Lazer Music Is the Weapon My prediction: two killer tracks.
63 RJD2 Dame Fortune
64 Kanye West Swish A) Listen to that Paul McCartney track again. B) Now listen to the just released “Facts” C) It is hard to imagine anything worse than the McCartney+Kanye track. “Facts” is it. The only way “Facts” is not the worst major track of 2016 is if Swish has worse tracks.
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Noise Narcs Top Albums of 2015

Noise Narcs’ 2015 Top Albums of the Year is now available!

I’ll spare you the pre-amble: for the past two years, I’ve said that this would be the last year we’d do this list. So why break with tradition? i’m proud to announce Noise Narcs’ ultimate (or pen-ultimate or pen-pen-ultimate or…) top albums of the year list.

Noise Narcs’ 2015 Top Albums of the Year is Read more…

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UPDATED V2: Noise Narcs Most Anticipated 2015

2015 continues to shape up as one of the most amazing musical years in forever. Kurt Vile, Earl Sweatshirt, Beach House, and much much more announced albums coming out this year. Sadly, Run the Jewels III isn’t coming out until 2016 now.

My Morning Jacket, The Waterfall, May 4, 2015
The Oh Sees, Mutilator Defeated At Last, May 18, 2015
Major Lazor, Peace Is a Mission, TBA
Pfarmers, Gunnera, May 12 (members of Menomena, The National)
Kurt Vile, TBA, Recording (possibly autumn)
Sam Beam and Ben Bridwell, Sing Into Your Mouth, TBA
Ben Browning (Cut Copy), Turns, Summer
Mikal Cronin, MCIII, May 5
Major Lazer, Peace Is the Mission, June 1
Earl Sweatshirt, I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside, March 23, 2015
Sharon Van Etten, I DOn’t Want to Let You Down EP, June 9, 2015
Tyler, Cherry Bomb, April 4, 2015
Mac DeMarco, AnotherOne, August 7, 2015
Diiv, Is The IS Are, Fall
Four Tet, Morning/Evening, July 2015
Destroyer, Poison Season, August 28
Beach House, Depression Cherry, August 28
Christopher Owens, Chrissybaby Forever, May 27
Beirut, No No No, September 11
Nicolas Godin (of Air), Contrepoint, TBA
Yo La Tengo, Stuff Like That There, August 28 (covers and reworkings)
DRINKS (Cate le Bon and White Fence’s Tim Presley), Hermits on Holiday, August 21

Kandrick Lamar, To Pimp a Butterfly, March 23, 2015
Frank Ocean, TBA, July
Sky Ferreira, Masochism, TBA
Tame Impala, Currents, TBA
Jamie xx, In Colour, June 2
Kanye West, So Help Me God, TBA
Run the Jewels III not coming out in 2015 : (

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UPDATED: Noise Narcs Most Anticipated 2015

Man, and 2015’s releases keep getting better and better. Blur?!?!? Another Sun Kil Moon album? A promising step-forward from Torres? Godspeed!?!? Best Coast blissing out? Holy crap. Below are the list and its changes for the first two months of this truly amazing musical years.

12 Blur, The Magic Whip, April 27, 2015
16 Sun Kil Moon, Universal Themes, June 2, 2015
26 Torres, Sprinter, May 5, 2015
27 Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress, March 31, 2015
29 Jonny Greenwood / Shye Ben Tzur / Um, some Indian musicians?, TBA, TBA
37 Best Coast, California Nights, May 5, 2015
41 Hot Chip, Why Make Sense? May 18, 2015
47 Miguel, Wild Heart (recording)
49 The Tallest Man on Earth, Dark Bird Is Home, May 12, 2015
52 Brian Wilson, No Pier Pressure, April 7,2015
57 Florence and the Machine, How Big How Blue How Beautiful, June 2
65 The Very Best, Makes a King, April 7, 2015
66 Metz, Metz II, May 5
67 Passion Pit, Kindred, April 2015
70 Built to Spill, Untethered Moon, April 21, 2015
71 Surfer Blood, 1000 Palms, May 12
73 Wire, Wire, April 21
78 Cannibal Ox , Blade of the Ronin, March 3, 2015
79 Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld , Never were the way she was, April 28

Lower Dens, Escape From Evil: March 31, 2015
Courtney Barnett, Sometimes I sit and think, March 24, 2015
Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Multi-Love: May 26, 2015
Modest Mouse to be released March 17

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Noise Narcs Most Anticipated Albums of 2015

Our most anticipated albums of 2014 was not so shabby. Beck, Sharon van Etten, St Vincent, Angel Olsen, and The War on Drugs were all on our top 10 most anticipated albums that ended up on our top ten of 2015. I take no blame for not predicting a D’Angelo album, although we gave Spoon (#22 anticipated vs ranked #3), Run the Jewels (#25 vs. #2), and I somehow didn’t anticipate anybody liking FKA Twigs (and still don’t).

On to 2015! And oh man, what a monster year for music this is looking to be.

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Noise Narcs Top Albums of 2014 Now Available!

Noise Narcs’ 2014 Top Albums of the Year is now available!

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