Ice Cold – Groovy!

In honor of Snowpacalypse/Snowmageddon/Snowapalooza, here are two drastically different songs about blizzards.

Nada Surf – Blizzard of ’77
Trini Lopez – The Blizzard Song

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8 Responses to Ice Cold – Groovy!

  1. Cydney A says:

    Love the Nada Surf tune. I’ve never spent time with the band–this motivates me to.

  2. Billy Levay says:

    I always thought this Nada Surf album was underrated. I can remember listening to this during the snowstorm at PSU during senior year, or to be more specific, Feb. 17, 2003:

  3. Matt Shopp says:

    I miss 228 South Atherton. The good old days of $300 a month rent, smoking cigarettes inside. That couch was really gross, though.

    • Greg W says:

      I believe that was the morning that Trent, too lazy to walk upstairs, called my “cell phone” so that I could give him a weather report. I say “cell phone” because I didn’t actually own a cell phone. My brother, on the other hand, did.

      …and that’s how Trent managed to get a 15-year-old over 100 miles away kicked out of his high school Japanese class.

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