Retro Energy on New Music Tuesday

So far, this seemed like a fairly sparse New Music Tuesday, and the strong albums that did appear have a slightly retro feel.

I was disappointed by Rogue Wave’s new release, Permalight, which finds the band squarely in the pop/radio domain. I did enjoy the more mellow “Sleepwalker,” the energetic “We Will Make a Song Destroy,” and the catchy “I’ll Never Leave You.” Many of you will likely enjoy this album far more than I did, though.

Similarly, I have never really been able to get behind Portugal. The Man., despite the band’s kick-ass name. This release, American Ghetto, certainly doesn’t break new ground and is not a consistently great listen. One Lala member reviewed this as “heavy drums, echoing electric guitar, spacey keys, and pseudo-rap vocals,” and I think that about sums it up. It has an early 90s Brit pop feel that will always entertain some people.

I did find a great surprise in the debut album from a rock band called Big Light, one I’ve never heard of and that I can find almost next to nothing about online. Their album Animals in Bloom is at once energetic, beautifully sung, catchy, intelligently poppy, and skillful. I hear the lead singer has quite an onstage presence.

My favorites so far are the intro song, “Departed,” “Caution,” and “Superfuzz Fine,” a song with an 80s energy that reminds me of high school. We’ll see how this album holds out over time.

Another great listen is Nighttime Rainbows, the latest EP from synth-noise-poppy A Sunny Day in Glasgow, which is likely to please My Bloody Valentine and electronica fans. I’m particularly fond of both the original and Buddy System Remix of “Nighttime Rainbows.”

A Sunny Day in Glasgow, “Nitetime Rainbows”

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  1. David G says:

    Two sun-based Philadelphia posts in one day! You totally gummed up Kandace’s post of Sunny Day in Glasgow’s fantastic new video, which I’m going to push her to post anyway.

  2. triceratops says: will give you more info on the band. thanks for listening to our music.

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