New Music Tuesdays: Free Lying Gorillaz

A very quick edition of New Music Tuesdays, highlighting a few albums that were released yesterday.

Liars, Proud Evolution
Post-punk Kraturock-philes Liars released a very solid fifth effort in Sisterworld. I’ve already annoyed people with “Scissor” via Facebook, so I’ll post their sequel to Pearl Jam’s “Do the Evolution” (lie):

Liars, “Proud Evolution”
Also, Thom Yorke did a remix, Radiohead completists:

Gorillaz, Plastic Beach
Damon Albarn-helmed Gorillaz released the uneven but fun Plastic Beach. Why wouldn’t grimemaster Kano feature with the Lebanese National Orchestra?

Gorillaz, “White Flag”

Free Energy, Stuck on Nothing
Philadelphia hipster classic rock band Free Energy skip right over the Philly scene to get produced by dancemeister James Murphy (DFA, LCD Soundsystem). You’ll forgive it’s numerous clunkers for its breezy spring feel and sundry good songs. Even though I’m pretty unimpressed, I can see it growing on me until it becomes a closet favorite (see: Semisonic, Counting Crows). Their first-released track is still their best:

Free Energy, “Dream City”

Also, jj released jj nÂș 3, which I wrote about and posted from earlier: Tropical vacations with jj & Gucci”.

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3 Responses to New Music Tuesdays: Free Lying Gorillaz

  1. material lives says:

    The jj album is very disappointing–it borders on new age throughout, with the exception of the first song and part of the third . . .

    • David G says:

      I like it, but I’m not super-impressed. Not sure I buy the new age part, but whatev.

      • material lives says:

        Maybe you haven’t listened to enough new-age, which isn’t a bad thing. New age/easy listening–however you spin it, it’s a little no-edge.

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