Philebrity's lush life

Philly’s local tastemaker blog Philebrity is occasionally infuriating with its snark and local scene infighting, but brass tacks: I go to this website at least as much as any other on the web for its buzz on local news, music, and the rest.

And through the years, this has served me well: in 2006, they introduced me to Blood Feathers (now signed to Philebrity’s label), whose “Sea Legs” defined 2006-7 for me and who, in February, were simply the best and most impressive 50’s coverband for an Under the Sea fake prom I could imagine. And now I’m even better served; Philebrity’s introduced a new feature where they run down 10 local tracks. Lots of fantastic ish, and makes me very proud (undeservedly) and happy (doubly so) to be a Philadelphian. Although I have many new leads to follow, Lushlife‘s remix of Washed Out is my new spring jam: why wouldn’t hip hop come to shoegaze? And how could I not love anybody who promises to “rock hard” my bobo with an underbelly Bella Vista hood?

Washed Out, “Feel It All Around (Lushlife Remix)

And now, seriously, go check out all the tracks on Philebrity: intowners, so you’re in the know; outoftowners, so you’re in the envy.

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  1. material lives says:

    Hmmm . . . can you believe I prefer the original? Love the slow, moody vibe. The rippity rap seems tacked on here.

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