What's not to like about a Cubby?

You know, those teacher-assigned box-shaped things that seemed to hold our future and any chance of elementary school happiness in the balance. There was always the kid who was somehow missing a shoe and getting yelled at for lingering behind at lunchtime. Probably, our early cubbies could have tracked who would grow up to be neat and messy adults.

Or, you know, some band that makes nonsensical references to cubbies and which there is little to no information about online.

Here’s an energetic celebration of Friday by what I think is San Franciscoan The Cubby Creatures. The album, After the Deprogramming, is pretty good, too.

The Cubby Creatures, “Static Fuzz”

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2 Responses to What's not to like about a Cubby?

  1. David G says:

    Dig the late Beatles-esque string section. Also, this, from their Wikipedia page, is hilarious: “a San Francisco-based art collective devoted to doing the work of the Cubby, their higher power, which they say inspires them to create art, live art, and admire art for the sake of spiritual and thereby social revolution.”

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