Sarasota doesn't have a music scene.

Here’s a couple of songs that I like:

Papa Michigan and General Smiley, “One Love Jam Down”

Max Tundra, “Orphaned”

I’d put some Ricardo Villalobos in here, but most of his best stuff is too large to upload. You can dance to these two songs, too, though.

Here’s a funny video:

I think I did that right. For me, the funny thing about the furniture, is that even though they locate the store (roughly) near Philly, this stuff is all Florida, baby.

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3 Responses to Sarasota doesn't have a music scene.

  1. David G says:

    Everyone does need a teardrop filled with frog eggs. Dig the Papa Michigan/General Smiley track. I saw Max Tundra open up for Junior Boys last May. He read a fairly hateful (but typically ridiculous) review by Philadelphia Weekly‘s Steven Wells from the stage, and then wished him bad luck with his health (not very funny since he died from Hodgkins’ a month later). Anyway, he was okay, a frenetic performer for sure. Junior Boys, whom was I actually not very excited about, were dynamite. Go figure.

    • David B says:

      I think that just shows that you shouldn’t fuck with Max Tundra. I didn’t realize his performance style was frenetic. I saw Junior Boys open for Caribou in New York. They were good, I guess, but mostly their music was able to transport me to the stadium, light show, and electric blue costumes that it should have been wrapped in. How were xx and jj? Good good? (Nope, there’s still no way to make a joke about their names being together. Dammit.)

      • David G says:

        I think an ee cummings joke would work, but the show doesn’t happen until April. Very frenetic, actually. He’s basically up there doing this:

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