Springing into Luna

In spring of 2000, I saw Luna play a sparsely-attended, outdoor concert at Penn State, opening for Luscious Jackson, Mighty Mighty Boss Tones (I think?), Reel Big Fish, and various other inferior bands. The snowboard club had set up a bouncy tent to the left of the stage, and occasionally drunk West College hippies contorted into view. Billy threw grass at me. And I was entirely enthralled.

A creature of seasonal habits, ever since, when the first full-on day of spring hits, I throw open the windows, throw on a Luna record, and pretend that I’ve just turned twenty. Worked like a charm every single time. Enjoy the beautiful weather and the lazy, VU-flecked pop, East Coasters.

Luna, “Lost In Space”
Luna, “Sweet Child O’ Mine”

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6 Responses to Springing into Luna

  1. I really wish Billy and I could’ve been at that concert, but if I remember correctly we both had pressing and last-minute commitments that forced us to miss our final exams in a class about dinosaurs and presumably Luna as well. Damn those sudden unexpected sicknesses and family obligations!

    • material lives says:

      What a great album. Jealous of the Luscious Jackson . . . I need to pull out their albums again, or, rather, just listen to them on Lala.

    • David G says:

      Ha. Yes. Must have been some other Billy throwing grass at me. Thank God you could recover from your sickness and family obligations in time to draw dinosaurs on a chalkboard to make up for your missing that exam.

  2. Trent W says:

    For the record, the band David remembers as The Bosstones was actually Goldfinger, Luscious Jackson wasn’t on the bill, and as the final act of the night, Reel Big Fish actually put on an amazing show. Though I must admit, I did not catch Luna that day, so I can’t fairly say whose performance was better.

    • David G says:

      Doubly right. It was Letters to Cleo (!), not Luscious Jackson, and Goldfinger, not the Bosstones. Also, according to this amazing Collegian article, Goldfinger was only a substitute for Our Lady Peace. Also: remember the ridiculous tug of war? And The Arsonsists? Also: “‘I might like to check out Luna,’ Geoff Hainer (junior-international finance) said. ‘But other than that, I’d rather spend the day drinking with my friends. There just aren’t any really interesting or good bands playing.'” Geoff Hainer and I should have been friends.

      That said: yes, Reel Big Fish put on a great show, and I kicked some kid in the head when I was crowdsurfing and he tried to steal my shoe.

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