LCD Soundsystem Knows All of What I Want

I reached for Noise Narcs’ post function within the first bar of “All I Want.” LCD Soundsystem doing a motorik beat? Instant sale.

I wasn’t that enthralled by “Drunk Girls,” the first leaked track from This Is Happening, but this song really does have everything I want. Motorik beat? Check. The dance-pathos of “All My Friends”? Check. “Heroes”-checking guitar? Check. An amazing, haunting, synthesizer that explodes daintily at the 2:53 mark? Check. Acts as an objective correlative to my excitement over a move to a new part Philly? Check, oh my yes, check.

LCD’s website has set up a free stream of the album pre-release, and I’ve got ants in my pants to finish this stupid post so I can go listen to it.

And I couldn’t mention motorik without posting the masters themselves, Neu! Drop these two songs on your mp3 player and start walking: odds on that 15 minutes later, you’ll wake up and find yourself in a completely foreign part of your supposedly well-known metropolis. Dig that beat.

LCD Soundsystem, “All I Want”
Neu!, “Hallo Gallo”

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2 Responses to LCD Soundsystem Knows All of What I Want

  1. cydney says:

    I’m not sure of this new LCD yet . . . sounds Strokes-y. As in not LCD-y. But I’ll give the full shot. I think it may require headphones.

    • David G says:

      You’re the 2nd person (K) to make the Strokes comparison. Not sure I hear it (at least on this track, and I got disrupted and didn’t get to the whole album). But, I’ll take another Is This It from anybody, anyday…

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