420? What does that mean?

Kula Shaker is set to release a new album in June, titled Pilgrim’s Progress. Here’s a performance, recorded in 2008, of a track that is set to be on it:

Kind of sad, but unfortunately not in the good way.  So I’m not getting my  hopes up, though I’ll definitely check it out and report back for you guys.

Anyway…reminds me that once upon a time the recipe for blowing my mind was pretty simple.  I won’t say all of the ingredients, but one of them was this:

Kula Shaker, “Great Hosannah”

And while I’m on the subject, put down that joint and pick up a pen.

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3 Responses to 420? What does that mean?

  1. materiallives says:

    I don’t know about this song, but I don’t know if I can live without his gold suit.

    • I’m with you, Cydney. Singing about Peter Pan is usually where you cross the line between good and creepy nostalgia, but the suit…

      I’ll check it out like I said, though. And I probably owe 2007’s “Strange Folk” a real listen.

      • David G says:

        This song, which is terrible, is way better than the four or five songs I managed to get through on Strange Folk. “Great Hosannah” is awesome as always. Though, mostly, it makes me want to blast Morphine’s Like Swimming on repeat all night.

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