Minute Music: The Black Keys, "Never Give You Up"

From soon-to-be-released Brothers (2010), which you can stream for free from npr.

The Black Keys, “Never Give You Up”

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4 Responses to Minute Music: The Black Keys, "Never Give You Up"

  1. David G says:

    Reminds me of driving through Bethlehem. I haven’t listened to the album yet, and I’m a nervous to: I liked Attack and Release so much that I fear this will be a let down…

    • I’m liking it big time. Not as energetic, maybe, and I’m not prematurely adding it to my album of the year list, but there are a good number of stand-out tracks. “Tighten Up” and “Ten Cent Pistol” are especially recommended.

      • David G says:

        My fears were not well founded. This is an excellent album. A top 10 candidate for sure (though I’m not calling it yet).

    • Greg W says:

      Haven’t listened to the npr stream, but what I’ve heard from this album I love. If “Tighten Up” comes on the radio, I won’t be turning the dial.

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