Noise Narcs Sells Out

As our three readers may have noticed, Noise Narcs now features a banner advertisement and badging from MOG. A few words about this.

  1. “I’m not only the Hair Club president, I’m also a client”: If you haven’t checked out MOG, I highly recommend you do. After the fall of Lala, Cydney and I both signed up for MOG and are loving it. For $5 month, you can stream any album or song in their exhaustive catalog as many times as you like. And there’s a Pandora/Last.FM-like radio. And they’re building a Boxee app. And, if you have an iPhone or Android phone, they’ll soon be offering an app for that for an additional $5/month: pretty amazing. And their sound quality? 320kbps of stunning audio glory. Honestly, we at Noise Narcs ❤ MOG. They offer a free three day trial, so check it out.
  2. This is no way an attempt to make money. Which is good, because we definitely won’t. The only goal of this advertisement is to defray the server and domain costs. If we ever gain more in ad revenue than our fixed costs, I’ll donate any and all proceeds to Weathervane Music, a Philly-based independent music support organization. And because MOG offers a free account to any member site, I’ll also commit to an additional annual $20 donation.
  3. At a Fleet Foxes concert a few years back, someone yelled at them to not “sell out like “Band of Horses” (who had recently been featured in a car commercial). Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Screw that guy. That said, Band of Horses’ new album sucks it, so maybe this portends the start of Noise Narcs sucking even more. To prove that, here are three songs about selling out.
  4. Yellow Hand, “Sell Out” [written by Neil Young and Stephen Stills, via Raven Sings the Blues]

    The Clash, “Complete Control”

    Reel Big Fish, “Sell Out”

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