I Was Born This Way: A Proud Democrat

In honor of Friday being a great day for disco, Dimitri from Paris upcoming release of the comp Get Down with the Philly Sound, and the House voting to add an amendment to a bill for the eventual (and at the discretion of the Armed Forces brass) end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, here is Carl Bean’s “I Was Born This Way.”

Carl Bean, “I Was Born This Way”

Proud as a Democrat that no Democrat Reps voted against. Ashamed as an American that 194 Republicans did (only five voted for, including Ron “This guy is a queer!” Paul).

And a reminder, Mr. President, they answer to our laws, not their own:

Therefore, in May 1949 the Fahy Committee [a civilian board created by Truman] proposed opening all army jobs and schools to qualified personnel without regard to race or color, assigning all Army personnel according to ability and need, and abolishing the racial quota. In contrast, the Chamberlin Board [an Armed Forces commissioned board] … concluded that increased opportunities for colored soldiers would adversely affect the fighting spirit and morale of the Army in general.

[The Integration of Negro and White Troops, 1956]

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2 Responses to I Was Born This Way: A Proud Democrat

  1. material lives says:

    Hate the song, love the post. I just met an awesome guy who was kicked out of the Air Force because of being ratted out via “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” even though he never “told.” Now he’s applying to med school and has to explain why he got kicked out (which apparently he was happy he did). I think this explanation will work in his favor.

  2. David G says:

    Song-homophobe. 🙂

    I don’t think it will work in his favor, but thankfully it won’t hurt him like it would in other professions.

    I would love to see an ad attacking the Republican party for their no vote on this, showing clips of gay Americans saying (with each one saying one word), “Like 79% of Americans, I think that I should be able to fight and die for the country I love. The Republican party disagrees. Who’re the real patriots, America?” What a bunch of jerkfaces.

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