Dancing with Robyn

June 14 will bring a legal dose of new Robyn tunes. That’s good, because I spent about two hours yesterday reliving the various versions and remixes of “With Every Heartbeat” on Hype Machine. Already enjoying its Internet life is the Fred Falke remix of “Dancing on My Own,” which is something I do a lot in my living room, a lot more happily than Robyn appears to if her lyrics are truthful representations of her feelings. I’m not posting it here because the file is too big and I haven’t had the time necessary to figure out how to FTP. So instead here’s her. I’m not sure I want to know what a Fembot is to Robyn, but it appears to make me feel like dancin’.

Robyn, “Fembot”

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One Response to Dancing with Robyn

  1. David G says:

    No denying she’s a master of the pop song, but it feels like she keeps treading the same ground to me. Shrug. Good song, though.

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