Being Fickle is Good

In the past few days, and lot of us who used to frequent Lala and who now use MOG have shifted over to Rdio (invite only; still have a few if anyone is interested). I’m testing this service out, since it requires a small ($4.99) monthly fee. What is offers over MOG is a robust new release section (though the service is in Beta and, hence, its overall offerings are weak, to say the least) and a better interface than MOG.

As I’ve said in other Noise Narcs posts, I love these types of music/networking sites because of how rapidly they expose me to new music. I’m also fascinated by the way certain albums catch fire amongst a small population (such as Seeland’s Tomorrow Today did on Lala).

Two albums that are gathering storms on Rdio are Casiokids’ release from earlier this year, Top Stemning Pa Lokal Bar, a delightfully quirky album by a Norwegian band that apparently kicks ass live (and is just another reason to love both electro pop and Scandinavia, two of my obsessions), and Pigeons’ Here We Go Magic, an ethereal, yet grounded album that sweeps across genres, but most often reminds me of Of Montreal’s trippy, meandering rock. Oh, and bunny suit? Awesome.


Pigeons: Hibernation

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9 Responses to Being Fickle is Good

  1. Phil says:

    I’d love an invite.

    Hi from Sweden!

    • material lives says:

      Hello, Phil!

      This is Phil from Swedish class?

      Not sure if you can access Rdio from Sweden, but it might be fun to test it out. Want to e-mail me your current e-mail addy at


  2. That Pigeon’s track is really jazzy. I like it!

  3. David G says:

    I’m gonna stick with Mog for a bit until it gets more clear who’s going to hold up.

    Funny: at first, I hated the Casiokids but liked the Pigeons track. Now I’ve reversed myself. I’m fickle.

  4. material lives says:

    The new releases area of Rdio is amazing. As is the almost the entire Pigeons album, I think.

    • David G says:

      Yeah. I don’t doubt Rdio is neat, but I don’t want to keep investing time playing with new startups (with almost identical business plans) when so many of them aren’t going to be around very long. And Rdio, with all its social aspects, is a site where you’ll invest a lot of time into with absolutely no return if the site goes belly-up. When/if I ever get an Android phone (and Rdio finally has their Android app out), I’ll re-evaluate.

  5. David G says:

    Worth a note that this is Here We Go Magic, whose album is Pigeons.

  6. material lives says:

    Oops. Will have to re-write.

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