If Elliott Smith and Bjork Had Had an Affair (pre Barney, of course)

Here on Noise Narcs, someone has to sometimes post electronica or we might get lost in a sea of Dylanesque masculinity. Besides, it’s the weekend.

So, here are three tracks. First, in honor of my sister who is always in trouble for not reading this blog,  is Grum’s “Through the Night,” a nostalgia-laden dance track that has been cheering hearts from Miami to Ibiza to Madison. My sister introduced me to Grum’s recent release Heartbeats this past weekend, while we danced in a hot apartment with boys wearing bikini tops and wearing Mexican masks and nevernudes. Grum is getting compared a lot these days to Daft Punk and even Giorgio Moroder. The album, like so many others these days, harkens back to the 80s while still keeping an eye on the modern dance floor. It’s a little uneven, but the good songs are worth it.

Second comes from LA duo Ory Hodis and Mike Jerugim’s recent release under the moniker Undo, an indie electronica album that, while a bit unsteady in places, is a strong listen. They’re being called organic and other things that make little sense to me. I’m posting “Tungsten,” a song about Polaroids that reminds me of what would happen if Elliott Smith had a brief, passionate affair with Bjork, and “Five Minutes.” People are comparing this album to Atlas Sound, for reasons I know and care not.

Grum: “Through the Night”

Undo: “Tungsten”

Undo: “Five Minutes”

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3 Responses to If Elliott Smith and Bjork Had Had an Affair (pre Barney, of course)

  1. Billie says:

    You have to go electro every now and then and get in touch with your roots! I also love Grum’s “I want U.” Only wish they spelled out “you.”

    • material lives says:

      I want u 2 come back 2 MSN real soon. I should really just d/l “Tungsten” and post it . . .

  2. David G says:

    I promise to post more Joni Mitchel femininity. Sounds like a sweet Arrested Development party, though.

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