Birdies in Philly's Busch

I saw Birdie Busch open up for the venerable (but still not posted on: I’m checking myself into blogger jail right after this post) Blood Feathers last year. If they hadn’t been superb despite the North Star’s muddled “sound system,” she might have committed a grave sin: outplaying the headliner.

She’s playing the XPN Festival this weekend and releasing an excellent EP, Everyone Will Take You In. Two tracks are Philly-focused, “Joey” (about cheesesteak king Joey Vento) and this cover of Soul Survivor’s “City of Brotherly Love.” Let me tell you, friends: they both hit the city’s sweet spots.

Buy the EP today.

Birdie Busch, “City of Brotherly Love” [via Philebrity]

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  1. Sweet, Dave. Awesome cover. I forgot all about that set.

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