This remix is freaking my weekend

The calendar keeps telling me that it’s Thursday. But I’m pretty sure it’s Friday. Disagree? Listen to this super-hot track by Doneao and Princess, brought to my attention by Gang Gang Dance’s Lizzi Bougatsos in Pitchfork’s new blog, Altered Zones. Then we’ll see who’s right: me or the calendar.

Donaeo & Princess: “Party Hard (Remix) [via Altered Zones]

Check out Donaeo’s or Princess’s shop.

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2 Responses to This remix is freaking my weekend

  1. It totally feels like Friday.

    I like the energy of this tune, though I hate how he keeps saying “Princess” and repeating his own name. It’s totally better when the words being repeated are “house music.”

  2. David G says:

    Nah. The way he says Donaeo is awesome.

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