Feel it in My Bones

I didn’t love Tegan & Sara’s most recent release, Sainthood. None of their recent albums have come close to the indie pop perfection of So Jealous, an album that gave me high hopes for the band.

However, I do like this Tiesto track featuring the twins, “Feel it in My Bones,” one that slutted around the I-way last summer, and so I give you a Friday track on Wednesday, following in David’s footsteps of pretending it was the weekend last Thursday. Our attention span is getting shorter and shorter here on NoiseNarcs. Also, why do all indie twins have to be this hot?

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4 Responses to Feel it in My Bones

  1. This one doesn’t want to play for me…

  2. I just changed it to the vid because I can’t figure out the password combo for damn FTP.

  3. This is kind of what I imagine Vulcan pop music videos to be like.

  4. Material Lives says:

    with more scaly facial stuff

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