~.~ Our Home is All Around Us ~.~

Have you ever imagined what Bjork would do if she were asked to play the part of a mom whale? Well, that’s what she’s doing on a series of tracks she collaborated on with the Dirty Projectors.

The group of musicians produced an album titled Mount Wittenberg Orca, the proceeds of which they are donating entirely to the National Geographic Society, to try and help create areas of oceanic sustainability. The project was apparently conceived when Stereogum asked the Dirty Projectors and Bjork to collaborate on a musical project, and then, around that time, one of the Dirty Projectors band members was walking along Mount Wittenberg and spotted  a family of whales. And they asked to Bjork to play the mom whale. I like the idea of the Dirty Projectors as Bjork’s children.

Has anyone else ever noticed how you can hear when Bjork is smiling while singing?

Bjork and Dirty Projectors: “On and Ever Onward

You can learn more about the collab and download the album for a sliding scale donation here.

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6 Responses to ~.~ Our Home is All Around Us ~.~

  1. I like this. It must be something of a strange day when Bjork participates in a collaboration in which her voice is the less jarring, but the contrast of sounds is neat. The contrast between home being around you and “on and ever onward,” on the other hand, doesn’t make any sense to me.

  2. I thought it was fitting. The whale’s home is everywhere around it, but it is always moving 🙂

  3. David G says:

    I like this song, and whales’ homes are cool places. Lots of kitchen space.

    What I don’t like is the voice-as-instrument reminder of Medulla. Come back to us, Björk!

  4. Material Lives says:

    Wow, I totally disagree! I love this tune and I love the voice as instrument (such as in the music of Meredith Monk), which Bjork has always toyed with to some degree. The problem is just that her musical sense is not always totally on target. I’ve always wished she’d collaborate with people who could really help her find a style that works.

  5. Material Lives says:

    I agree whole-heartedly. I do like the tradition of vocal instrumentation, which is another thing.

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