New Track for Deerhunter: More of the Same

No, no, no. It doesn’t sound the same at all. It’s just as awesome as all previous Deerhunter stuff. Really, has anyone in the indie sphere recently had as prodigious and brilliant an output as Bradford Cox? Between Deerhunter and Atlas Sound, he’s absolutely killing it. Excited as all get out Halcyon Digest, out September 28 on 4AD. [Website.]

Deerhunter, “Revival”

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1 Response to New Track for Deerhunter: More of the Same

  1. Material Lives says:

    I never really give Deerhunter my full attention, despite the fact that during the Catacombs days, I transferred all of the albums onto my computer. Maybe I’ll try. The only Atlas Sound song I really loved was the one with Laetitia, as you know.

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