"And then you can jam to the loop."

Swedish geek, Linus Åkesson, recently re-purposed an old organ to be an 8-bit synthesizer for live chip-tune playing.  He calls it a “chipophone.”

While I find the idea of imposing strict technological constraints on making music a compelling one, I’ve never thought to venture very far into the vast, amateur swamps of chip music.   But for a certain cohort of boys who grew up in the 80’s, these sounds fondly recall many many frustrating and happy hours.

And here’s an older video of a guy playing the theme to “The Legend of Zelda” on a theremin.  I really the minimal, otherworldly vibe:

And lastly, here’s another dude playing the theme to “Super Mario Bros.” on a classical guitar.  There are a million of these on youtube, but this is probably the best:

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  1. David G says:

    Watching anything played on the theremin is generally pretty amazing. Not really sure what good re-purposing an organ to work as a synthesizer. He knows they have synthesizers available for purchase, right? Oh geeks!

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