Ariel Pink: Not a metal god

For some reason, I had, without listening, filed Ariel Pink under “metal.” But after hearing the truly lovely breakout single from Ariel Pink’s Haunted Grafitti’s Before Today, the truly excellent “Round and Round,” I realized I should have filed myself under “clueless idiot.”

Ariel Pink produces 1970s AM pop. You know, if it were filtered through a freak folk vortex. With a stopover in Elephant 6’s Athens, Georgia.

The album is a flitting, beautiful mess. Which just happens to contain song after song of fantastic pop. Their cover of Rocking Ramrods’ “Bright Lit Bright Sky” is my current favorite. Check the video below.

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And check out the original after the jump!

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  1. Material Lives says:

    I don’t love the album overall, but a few songs are pretty cool.

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