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Feel it in My Bones

I didn’t love Tegan & Sara’s most recent release, Sainthood. None of their recent albums have come close to the indie pop perfection of So Jealous, an album that gave me high hopes for the band.

However, I do like this Tiesto track featuring the twins, “Feel it in My Bones,” one that slutted around the I-way last summer, and so I give you a Friday track on Wednesday, following in David’s footsteps of pretending it was the weekend last Thursday. Our attention span is getting shorter and shorter here on NoiseNarcs. Also, why do all indie twins have to be this hot?

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~.~ Our Home is All Around Us ~.~

Have you ever imagined what Bjork would do if she were asked to play the part of a mom whale? Well, that’s what she’s doing on a series of tracks she collaborated on with the Dirty Projectors.

The group of musicians produced an album titled Mount Wittenberg Orca, the proceeds of which they are donating entirely to the National Geographic Society, to try and help create areas of oceanic sustainability. The project was apparently conceived when Stereogum asked the Dirty Projectors and Bjork to collaborate on a musical project, and then, around that time, one of the Dirty Projectors band members was walking along Mount Wittenberg and spotted  a family of whales. And they asked to Bjork to play the mom whale. I like the idea of the Dirty Projectors as Bjork’s children.

Has anyone else ever noticed how you can hear when Bjork is smiling while singing?

Bjork and Dirty Projectors: “On and Ever Onward

You can learn more about the collab and download the album for a sliding scale donation here.

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Minutemusic: The Eeries, "Like You Do"

Catchy lo-fi harmonies from unsigned Philly trio, The Eeries [myspace]:

The Eeries, “Like You Do”

You can download their EPs for free from their blog.

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What little difference a "for" or "to" makes

Last year, as I struggled on whether to include Miike Snow’s debut on my (arbitrary, unimportant) top 10 list, something about one of the tracks really bugged me. It’s not that it was derivative, just an odd coincidence. “Song for No One,” the fourth track of Miike Snow, was backed by an addictive high-pitched surf guitar lick. Jeff Buckley’s collaboration with guitarist Gary Lucas “Song to No One,” the fourth track of Songs to No One was backed by an equally addictive high-pitched guitar lick. Coincidence? Or Buckley’s shady handiwork from his watery grave?

Miike Snow, “Song for No One”
Jeff Buckley and Gary Lucas, “Song to No One”

Also: Miike Snow has released a few singles in ’10. Not good. Retroactive delisting?

Buy Songs to No One or Miike Snow at Amazon.

Update: Not to mention, given our recent Twin Peaks post, Buckley’s lyric, “Laura, show this song to no one.” Someone tell Miike MIKE!

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Of Death and David Lynch

(I think I promised David that my first post would be a close reading of Usher’s “Confessions pt. II”, maybe subjoined to an exegesis of Akon’s “Birthmark,” but that’s going to have to wait).

Given this blog’s voracious appetite for all things Lynchian, I’m surprised that nobody has had anything to say about the Vancouver band You Say Party! We Say Die!, whose 2009 release, XXXX, was headlined by a single called “Laura Palmer’s Prom.”  Sadly, the lyrics don’t name-drop Audrey Horne or Leo Johnson or Nadine, or do anything quite so satisfyingly specific within the Twin Peaks theme.  But really, they don’t need to.  The fabulously moody, synth-swollen atmosphere captures everything dark and steamy and desperate in Lynch-world, and ties it up with a thumping, irresistibly catchy bow.

Pitchfork seems to want to compare singer Becky Ninkovic and the band to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, or Siouxie and the Banshees, but really, I think they sound more like peak-era New Order (think “Temptation”, “Age of Consent”, etc) than any male-voiced contemporary band that I can recall.  Maybe to you that makes them derivative, but to me it makes them divine.

The tragic postscript here — more gruesomely Lynchian than ever — is that just this April, the band’s drummer, Devon Clifford, collapsed onstage at a show in Vancouver, and died two days later of a brain hemorrhage.  The band is soldiering on, minus another member who quit, under the shortened name ‘You Say Party.’   From what I’ve heard of them — just “Laura Palmer’s Prom” and a few other similarly synthy tunes on their Myspace page, I hope they stay together, not just because it’s the only decent thing to hope for, but because they’re making some pretty terrific music.

You can buy XXXX here, in digital, CD, or LP format.

You Say Party! We Say Die!, “Laura Palmer’s Prom”

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Carbon Cut Copy

Cut Copy’s In Ghost Colours snuck up on my in 2008. At first, I dismissed it as flavor-of-the-month retro dancepop. Until I was listening it at the gym. All the time. And at home. And in the subway. And at work.

They have a new album coming out in early 2011, produced by DFA’s Tim Goldsworthy, and they just put out the first single. A little doo whop ballad, a little Free Energy, a little “Baba O’Riley,” and a whole lot of their patented 80s dance rock.

Download the song by giving up your email address on their site or stream below.

Cut Copy – Where I’m Going by loudersoft

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This remix is freaking my weekend

The calendar keeps telling me that it’s Thursday. But I’m pretty sure it’s Friday. Disagree? Listen to this super-hot track by Doneao and Princess, brought to my attention by Gang Gang Dance’s Lizzi Bougatsos in Pitchfork’s new blog, Altered Zones. Then we’ll see who’s right: me or the calendar.

Donaeo & Princess: “Party Hard (Remix) [via Altered Zones]

Check out Donaeo’s or Princess’s shop.

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a damp drizzly november in my soul

or in Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton/Broken Bells/1/2 Gnarls Barkley), Sparklehorse, and David Lynch’s souls.

The trio and then some collaborated on an album titled Dark Night of My Soul, which was finally properly released a couple of days ago after being held up due to a legal dispute between Burton and  EMI. The album is aptly titled, when we consider that both Sparklehorse’s Mark Linkous and Vic Chesnutt, who is featured on a track, both committed suicide this past year.

Burton asked David Lynch (who is also featured on one track) to contribute still photographs to the project (see above), and so he did, and they are on display in Michael Kohn’s Los Angeles gallery, where the album plays on repeat.

The album is, like most of Brian Burton’s work, compelling, not just sonically and lyrically (not suprising considering Linkous and Burton’s oeuvre), but in terms of the contributors they enlisted: Iggy Pop, Suzanne Vega, Vic Chesnutt, Gruff Rhys, Frank Black, Nina Persson, etc.

I’m going to shut up and not describe this album, which I am mildly obsessed with, because you have to just listen yourself. Here’s my fave so far.

You can learn more and buy the album through its website.

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Things That are Unfair

I didn’t get to be a twin growing up, and I also didn’t get to be an indie musical superstar, as I used to fantasize I might when I was little and wrote music on my Casio. Apparently, the School of Seven Bells identical twins, Alejandra and Cladia Deheza, got to fulfill all of my secret dreams.

From the songs I’ve heard so far, the band’s sophomore release (the band is comprised of the Deheza twins + Benjamin Curtis, formerly of Secret Machines), Disconnect from Desire, builds on the last one, offering a layered, complex, gorgeous, melodic sound in the vein of Lush,  the Cocteau Twins, and others. My favorite track so far is the extremely Stereolabesque “Babelonia.”

Apparently, the band writes the lyrics first and then builds music around it, which is pretty much the exact opposite way I’ve always composed. I always like to learn about people’s methods, for making music, writing, and everything else. Are there videos out there of famous bands in the process of writing music together?

The band is playing at the Majestic Theater in Madison, Wisconsin on September 15, and I plan on being there in order to be lured in person by these ladies’ siren songs.

School of Seven Bells: “Babelonia”

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Turn Our Brains Off and File under Poptastic

I can’t believe people are still going on about M.I.A. “fighting the power,” because while her recent release offers some great pop tracks, they are more variations on a trend than groundbreaking excursions into new musical terrain.

And her lyrics offer no insight:

“I’ll throw your shit in your face when I see ya cause I got something to say. I was born free.”

“Connected to the Google, Connected to the government.”

“You want me, cause you’re tweeting me like tweety bird on your Iphone.”

M.I.A. waxes politically against “the Google” and the “Iphone,” and then casually refers to being tweeted by a man with an Iphone who wants her. I’m confused.

But confusion aside, this album is filled with some adept pop songs. So I think we should turn our brains off  and  file this one under poptastic.


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